Signals are intelligent email alerts that automatically notify you when there are significant or unexpected changes in your data.

They’re simple to set up and then do all the hard work for you, analyzing your data in real time and automatically alerting you.

Signals doesn’t require you to know what changes you’re looking for in advance, so it’s great for unearthing stories or issues you might otherwise have missed.

You can use Signals to:

  • Identify emerging PR crisis as soon as they start.
  • Detect escalating customer service issues.
  • Reveal unexpected hashtags in a marketing campaign.
  • Find interesting stories within large scale conversations, such as a live TV event.
  • Discover sudden spikes in conversations from certain locations.

Each email includes details of what triggered the Signal. This means that you can evaluate the need for escalation and action even when you’re on the move.

You can also click through to a Signals dashboard with a more in-depth breakdown for further exploration.

You can set up Signals to email any person, even if they don’t have a Brandwatch login.

You can specify the Signal priority threshold for each recipient. This relates to the level of importance of the Signals they will receive, ensuring the right messages reach the right people.