Topic analysis

Effective topic analysis allow you to glean a quick overview of the popular topics within any conversation. Our technology makes use of the latest natural language processing (NLP) techniques to extract insightful topics from your dataset.

Static topic clouds are next to useless, which is why our Topics functionality is built with a typical degree of flexibility in mind.

Our topic clouds include:

  • Zoom-in capabilities – View topic clouds within topic clouds by clicking into key phrases.
  • The data behind the cloud – Like with all components, you can click through to discover the specific conversations behind each topic.
  • Category clouds – Display your own Categories and Tags, either instead of or as well as the algorithm-generated topics.
  • NLP processing – We provide context around the topic rather than single word entries, and avoid words like ‘the’, ‘it’ and ‘or’.
  • Sentiment spectrum – Topic clouds can be shaded to indicate the relative sentiment strength for each topic displayed.
  • Table view – Present, dissect and export the metrics behind the topic cloud visuals.
  • Multiple queries – Combine and compare different brands, products and themes in single or multiple clouds in the same dashboard.
  • Trends – Display the topic cloud by volume or burst, highlighting either the most talked about terms, or the terms growing at the fastest rate.
  • Topic comparison – View topic clouds across demographic variables including gender, interest, account type and profession.