More and more businesses are finding that every department can use social data to enhance their activities. From the customer service department responding to customers on Twitter, to sales teams finding social leads, to product development teams using social data to conduct market research; social data has organization-wide benefits.

To ensure the right people are seeing the right data, workflows are vital.

Brandwatch Analytics has a range of workflow options that allow different staff members and teams to route through mentions to each other and keep on top of what’s going on.

Here’s an overview of the different workflow features available in Brandwatch Analytics.


The assignment functionality allows you to assign a specific mention to another user. They’ll be able to see these mentions within their dashboard, and can also receive an email letting them know it has been assigned to them.


Assign a mention as open, pending or closed, making sure that everyone in your team knows whether a mention has been dealt with.


Some mentions are likely to be more important than others. Priority allows you to mark your mention as high, medium or low priority.


Stars are used to quickly mark a mention as interesting, or to mark it for any other purpose you choose.


The ‘checked’ status of a mention is a simple checkbox, used to indicate that the mention has been reviewed; particularly useful for those in customer service dealing with mentions as they come in.

This is also useful if you are doing manual markup – say for categorization or checking sentiment.


You can write notes that might be useful for others on any mention. Our system also makes entries into the notes section when particular actions are performed (e.g. assigning a mention).


A lot of these workflow functions can automated using Rules. So rather than manually assigning mentions to a department, you can automatically delegate incoming mentions if they meet your set criteria. For example, instantly pass mentions with negative sentiment over to your customer service team.


You can also chart all of these options, so that you can analyze workflow performance and status. For example, you could analyze who has the most assigned mentions, who has closed the most mentions, what percentage of mentions are still open and so on.