Mar 2th |

Marketing: The Best Free Social Media Listening Tools


Finding the right tool to track conversations across the web can be difficult.

With terms like social media monitoring, social media listening, social media analytics and social media measurement all regularly used interchangeably, quickly identifying the platform you need is never simple.


Feb 23th |

Not an Insight: The Fallacy of Buzz Monitoring During the Oscars

With the proliferation of social data in the media and the availability of digital data in general, there is the temptation by many to use this to publish analysis around major events or interesting stories.

And for good reason – the media are undoubtedly bewitched by reporting predictions using social data.


Feb 4th |

PR Tracking Using Social Media Monitoring: How It Works

Media monitoring. PR tracking. Press clipping services. There are dozens of phrases used to describe what to call the process of understanding what the media are saying about you, but the field is constantly changing.

It all began over a hundred years ago, when a Polish newsagent in 1852 decided to offer to read every newspaper and sell only the parts that included famous actors, artists and musicians at the time, so that the celebrities could get a better idea of when journalists were talking about them. (more…)

Jan 20th |

Research: Brands Still Don’t Listen to Customers on Twitter

Have a guess. How many brands do you think would respond to a direct, tagged question on Twitter? How long do you think they would take to do so?

In early 2015 we embarked on a piece of research to understand more about how mature social media operations are in retail brands in the US and the UK, and got answers to these questions, among others. (more…)