Jul 15 2014 |

Social Media Monitoring: Why You Need to Stop Being so Narcissistic

I’ve been working in social media monitoring for three human years now – that’s 96 in social media monitoring years – which makes me something of a veteran in the space.

Even in that short space of time, I’ve witnessed a rapid evolution in the approach to conducting analysis of social data.


Jun 26 2014 |
light blue

How Your Brand Can Stand Out From The Crowd

Have you ever wondered why fragrance brands all advertise in the same way? You haven’t? Oh. I have. Just me then.

I’ve always found it bizarrely amusing to watch the abstract montages that fragrance brands put together in order to purvey their goods. (more…)

Apr 25 2014 |

The Four Rs You Need to be a Modern Marketer

Yesterday I attended and spoke at the iMedia Digital Summit in swanky Picadilly, in London. It was, by most measures, an excellent event.

There was one particular theme I noticed running through the day, and in my opinion it’s something worth exploring.  (more…)

Apr 3 2014 |

Report: Social Media and the Travel & Hospitality Sector

Do you remember going into a physical shop to decide where to go on your next vacation? Can you think back to when you’d need to wait for plane tickets to arrive in the post, and forgetting them would mean you couldn’t board the flight?

Somehow, somewhen, things changed. (more…)

Mar 27 2014 |

The Wisdom of the Crowd: Honest, Transparent Reviews of Social Listening Tools

User reviews have fundamentally shaken up business. From TripAdvisor and Yelp to Amazon and Twitter, the way that consumers select products and services is now entrenched within the bold transparency of digital reviews.


Feb 19 2014 |

Internet Memes & Phenomena: The Opportunity for Brands, Publishers and Organisations

The word ‘meme’ has been widely misused over the past couple of years, specifically internet memes, as the term has filtered into the mainstream.

Its semantic understanding has shifted from obscure phrases and shared, contrived cultural references (more…)

Feb 12 2014 |

Social Media Command Centers are Coming of Age

‘Social media command center’ is one of those flashy-sounding buzzwords you’ve probably come across if you work in digital marketing.

You may even work at a brand that already has one, or is thinking of installing one. (more…)

Jan 30 2014 |

What is Influencer Marketing? Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a buzzword, sure, but ‘influencers’ can form an integral part of modern digital marketing plans.

We’re hosting a webinar today that details the basics of influencer marketing, and how you can develop your own programme.  (more…)

Dec 19 2013 |

Err … We’re Very Sorry But We Made a Mistake

Just as we were starting to get in the Christmas spirit and look back on 2013 with a sense of a job well done, we’ve unfortunately discovered some bad news today, relating to one one our reports.

This year we’ve released lots of reports, research and other insights using the social data that we capture, and presented it in useful and interesting ways.  (more…)

Nov 15 2013 |

The Weird and Wonderful History of Command Centres

What on earth is a command centre? Can you issue commands from them? And are they in the centre? If so, in the centre of what?

But how did they come about, and how have they changed over the years? (more…)