Mar 2 2015 |

Marketing: The Best Free Social Media Listening Tools


Finding the right tool to track conversations across the web can be difficult.

With terms like social media monitoring, social media listening, social media analytics and social media measurement all regularly used interchangeably, quickly identifying the platform you need is never simple.


Feb 23 2015 |

Not an Insight: The Fallacy of Buzz Monitoring During the Oscars

With the proliferation of social data in the media and the availability of digital data in general, there is the temptation by many to use this to publish analysis around major events or interesting stories.

And for good reason – the media are undoubtedly bewitched by reporting predictions using social data.


Feb 4 2015 |

PR Tracking Using Social Media Monitoring: How It Works

Media monitoring. PR tracking. Press clipping services. There are dozens of phrases used to describe what to call the process of understanding what the media are saying about you, but the field is constantly changing.

It all began over a hundred years ago, when a Polish newsagent in 1852 decided to offer to read every newspaper and sell only the parts that included famous actors, artists and musicians at the time, so that the celebrities could get a better idea of when journalists were talking about them. (more…)

Jan 20 2015 |

Research: Brands Still Don’t Listen to Customers on Twitter

Have a guess. How many brands do you think would respond to a direct, tagged question on Twitter? How long do you think they would take to do so?

In early 2015 we embarked on a piece of research to understand more about how mature social media operations are in retail brands in the US and the UK, and got answers to these questions, among others. (more…)

Nov 26 2014 |

What’s So Good About Being Engaging on Social Media?

If you work in marketing, it’s likely that either you or someone in your team has a KPI relating to engagement. Indeed, Brandwatch’s own forays into OKRs have included some aims to increase social media engagement.

There have been countless articles on determining how to measure engagement, so I will do you the courteous service of ignoring that point for now.


Sep 7 2014 |

Fast-Growing: Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100

In times of national economic hardship, stories about success and growth can help inspire a wave of optimism.

Our own growth story has been well-documented, and today it has been recognised by the most prestigious list in the area: the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100.  (more…)

Aug 15 2014 |

Is Everyone Laughing at Your Marketing Efforts? Here’s Why They Might Be

You know how every group of friends has that annoying idiot that everyone tries to avoid? That obnoxious fool that thinks they’re really cool, but everyone else thinks they’re a loser?


Jul 28 2014 |
digital graveyard

What Happens Online After You Die? Exploring the Digital Graveyard

Life’s ultimate tragedy, death, has existed for almost as long as life itself. Digital media is but a blip when placed upon this timeline; a speck upon an insignificant dot at the end.  (more…)

Jul 22 2014 |
social media analytics

Speaking the Truth: How to Choose a Social Media Analytics Tool

For every hand there is a glove.

The problem is, all the other glove-sellers are constantly trying to get you to buy their gloves instead, and other people keep recommending a whole load of other gloves that just don’t fit you at all.


Jul 15 2014 |

Social Media Monitoring: Why You Need to Stop Being so Narcissistic

I’ve been working in social media monitoring for three human years now – that’s 96 in social media monitoring years – which makes me something of a veteran in the space.

Even in that short space of time, I’ve witnessed a rapid evolution in the approach to conducting analysis of social data.