Dec 19th |

Err … We’re Very Sorry But We Made a Mistake

Just as we were starting to get in the Christmas spirit and look back on 2013 with a sense of a job well done, we’ve unfortunately discovered some bad news today, relating to one one our reports.

This year we’ve released lots of reports, research and other insights using the social data that we capture, and presented it in useful and interesting ways.  (more…)

Nov 15th |

The Weird and Wonderful History of Command Centres

What on earth is a command centre? Can you issue commands from them? And are they in the centre? If so, in the centre of what?

But how did they come about, and how have they changed over the years? (more…)

Oct 31st |

The Future of Social: What it Truly Means to be Customer-first

Barely a minute passes without someone exclaiming ‘social media is transforming the way we [INSERT THING]’, and even on this here blog we frequently discuss the impact it’s having upon people, things and businesses. (more…)

Oct 28th |

The Future of Social: Privacy is Terminally Ill, and it’s All Your Fault

This week the Brandwatch blog is devoted to exploring what’s next for social media and technology, and some of our best authors will be presenting their ideas and thoughts on what the future holds. And so will I.  (more…)

Oct 9th |

Think You Know Marketing? The Ultimate Marketing Quiz

The thought of a marketing ‘university challenge’ may sound incredibly dull, and if you don’t work in marketing, incredibly difficult.

Well you’re wrong, and you should stop thinking those things. (more…)

Aug 29th |

The Importance of Email: Does It Even Matter?

Emails are probably the grandparent of internet technologies, and not necessarily in a good way. My father tells me that in days of yore, emails were for mucking about between co-workers, while the real work got done via printed memos.

In the workplace of my generation, Skype, Facebook, mobile apps and other IM services help colleagues share thoughts that aren’t ‘official’ enough to warrant an email. (more…)

Aug 19th |

Which is the Best Social Media Platform for Marketers?

Social media is now more important than … blah blah blah. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ll already know all about the value of social in business and are simply on the hunt for some juicy deets. (more…)

Aug 16th |

Just How Deluded are Football Fans? Twitter’s Premier League Predictions

Non-footballing fans from around the world are about to wearily start moaning about football once again, as the new premier league season kicks off tomorrow.

We listened for all conversation in which predictions were made about the new season. (more…)

Aug 6th |

UK Internet Users Overwhelmingly Against New Porn Firewall

American politicians discovered last year just how unpopular it was to interfere with the operation of the internet when they announced the SOPA bill, designed to curb online piracy. (more…)

Jun 24th |

Giving Something Back: The Day We Swapped RAM for Rams

If you spend much time around these parts, you’ll probably know by now that working at Brandwatch isn’t a normal experience. (more…)