Feb 18th |

Using Social Media Monitoring for the Financial Services Sector

Everyone knows the most exciting thing in the world is the financial services. It’s what keeps kids up late at night and is every teenagers’ dream to one day work in. (more…)

Feb 12th |

How Far Will People Go for Valentine’s Day? [infographic]

Love is in the air, as a partnership as if made by Cupid himself has brought together Brandwatch and Digitas this Valentine’s Day. United in our love for all things data and digital, we’ve conducted some research into how far people will go for Valentine’s Day. (more…)

Feb 12th |

How to Use Social Media to Find New Leads

There is a wide array of practical uses of employing a monitoring tool, from tracking coverage to conducting market research. One use that many don’t often consider however, is to hunt for leads. (more…)

Feb 8th |

Identifying Influencers at VirComm 2013 – The Top Ten

Yesterday’s VirComm Summit in the prestigious Royal Institute was a rousing success, as it further established itself as the leading community management conference in the UK. (more…)

Jan 29th |

Research: Is Twitter Transforming How we Watch TV? [infographic]

As devices get smaller and more sophisticated, users have increasingly taken to social networking sites while they look at other screens … and for best part of the past century our favourite screen has been the television. (more…)

Jan 28th |

The Most Influential People in Community Management Today

It’s Community Manager Appreciation Day today, so you have to read this and then tweet to @LinkYeah and @Tales_of_cake telling us how great you think it is. Appreciate me, you ungrateful fools. I order you to appreciate me.  (more…)

Jan 22nd |

Remain Alert to Your Online Reputation With, erm … Alerts

There are now very few brands that don’t lurk on metaphorical street corners, craning their necks to eavesdrop on unsuspecting members of the public as they openly discuss all their darkest thoughts about the peeping brand. (more…)

Jan 16th |

Insights from the Outside: Review from a Former Client

Not long ago, a good friend and client of ours left his employer to seek pastures new. As he departed, he very nicely chose to highlight a few of the reasons he opted to work with Brandwatch whilst in that role in the first place. (more…)

Jan 15th |

CES 2013: Connectivity And Content Steal The Show (INFOGRAPHIC)

CES is the biggest electronics show of the year, as thousands of brands clamour for attention as they unleash hordes of new and innovative products to the market. (more…)

Jan 14th |

Product Update: New Page Types & The Natural Order of Things

Despite the financially disastrous end of the last decade, we’ve actually all got a lot richer. The tragedy is that we’re actually referencing the increasing prevalence of rich media online, not cash wealth. No-one has any of that anymore.  (more…)