May 22 2013 |

Xbox One Reveal Meets Mixed Reaction on Twitter

Microsoft dominated the internet yesterday, with its much-anticipated launch of the successor to the Xbox 360. With a torrent of fanfare in the build-up to the 6pm BST announcement, we decided to keep an eye on the official #XboxReveal hashtag for the hour of the event. (more…)

May 21 2013 |

How Social Media Analytics Boosted PR Agency Waggener Edstrom

One of the main practical applications of using Brandwatch is for public relations companies. It’s no surprise then that Waggener Edstrom has found using the social media analytics tool an essential part of its success, of which they’ve had plenty. (more…)

May 9 2013 |

How Sky News Arabia are Pioneering Social Media in Broadcasting

As we develop our social media analytics platform, we spend lots of our time thinking about the practical uses that our clients may use it for. Though we consider many potential user types, sometimes innovative businesses themselves uncover new and powerful ways to get more out of Brandwatch. (more…)

Apr 11 2013 |

Social Media Failures Can Happen on Any Scale

There have been a litany of recent ‘social media disasters’, many of which tech blogs are eager to highlight and ridicule. We’ve written plenty of times about the perils of social failures, listing the worst, dispensing advice and providing valuable (we hope) articles on managing your reputation online. (more…)

Mar 19 2013 |

The Top 100 Influencers at Social Media World Forum

Social Media World Forum is in full swing as it enters its second day of talks, networking and workshops. Finding influencers is one of the topics that has been mentioned throughout, so we thought it’d be a good opportunity to highlight the potential of our new Impact score feature. (more…)

Mar 5 2013 |

Get Ready for a Busload of Fun at South by Southwest

It’s the most exciting and prestigious event of the digital calendar, and often the key battleground for new sites, apps and other startups looking to become the Next Big Thing – and 2013’s offering promises more than ever. (more…)

Feb 26 2013 |

12 Truly Incredible Social Media Statistics!

There are so many ‘amazing’ and ‘incredible’ social media statistics bandied around the web willy nilly, it’s a surprise that anyone has any emotion left to express. (more…)

Feb 22 2013 |

The Wisdom of Crowds: Predicting the Oscar Winners [infographic]

Last week we launched our interactive data visualisation, in partnership with The Credits, that tracks buzz surrounding the upcoming Oscars, allowing people to see what both critics and the general public are saying about the nominees for this year’s awards. (more…)

Feb 18 2013 |

Using Social Media Monitoring for the Financial Services Sector

Everyone knows the most exciting thing in the world is the financial services. It’s what keeps kids up late at night and is every teenagers’ dream to one day work in. (more…)

Feb 12 2013 |

How Far Will People Go for Valentine’s Day? [infographic]

Love is in the air, as a partnership as if made by Cupid himself has brought together Brandwatch and Digitas this Valentine’s Day. United in our love for all things data and digital, we’ve conducted some research into how far people will go for Valentine’s Day. (more…)