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NYKConf Europe 2017: Day One Live Blog

Hello and welcome to day one of the Now You Know Conference, Europe 2017! The coffee is great, Hall and Oates is playing in the main ballroom, and a colleague just plucked an errant piece of pastry off my face. … Read more

Trending By Natalie Meehan on October 17th 2017

Introducing Quick Search: Social Listening Becomes Search-Bar Simple

We watch our customers. We look at how they use Brandwatch, how they accomplish their goals, and we regularly look for ways to improve this workflow. Doing so helped us discover something. 99% of the information we collect on the … Read more

By Phillip Agnew on October 17th 2017

Best Practices: Using Content Marketing to Shape Corporate Reputation

So many factors are considered by customers before making a transaction. Exposure to commercials and ads can contribute, but what ultimately drives the customer’s decision-making process is their perception of a brand. These perceptions can be shaped as a result … Read more

Marketing By Pius Boachie on October 16th 2017

How to Create a Subreddit

Reddit is the 9th most popular site in the world and sees hundreds of millions of visitors every month. Signing up as user and getting involved is one way to participate, but creating a subreddit is another. Due to Reddit’s … Read more

Marketing By Joshua Boyd on October 13th 2017

“But Her Emails!” Unpicking the Social Media Phenomenon That Is Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Hillary Clinton’s emails, or lack of emails, are obviously a controversial topic. While they were a huge part of the run-up to the election, they continue to come up in political conversations online. We decided to take a look at … Read more

Politics By Gemma Joyce on October 12th 2017

We’ve Got Some Big News: BuzzSumo is Joining the Brandwatch Family

One of the trends of the last few years has been the growth of content marketing as a core discipline in the marketing organisation. This has been driven in part by how much we use social networks to share stories … Read more

Announcement By Giles Palmer on October 10th 2017

Announcement: Brandwatch Vizia 2 + Hootsuite Impact

Does social media engagement actually matter? Is it all 
a vanity exercise? Ultimately, engagement spreads your content further, rippling out through natural networks, and should help attract new customers. But how can you be assured your marketing spend on paid … Read more

Announcement By Nicci McKenzie on October 10th 2017

The Complete Social Listening Guide

The number of social media conversations happening at any given time is massive. They ebb and flow with the news and cover any and all topics. From grandparents sharing local, old photos on Facebook groups to endless pop culture debates … Read more

Marketing By Joshua Boyd on October 10th 2017

Szechuan Sauce Scandal: McDonald’s Promotion Goes Awry

We are living through tumultuous times – times when the world needs ridiculous stories like the McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce debacle to get us through. Let me fill you in what happened, and I’ll throw in some data along the way. Szechuan … Read more

Trending By Gemma Joyce on October 9th 2017

Top 17 Competitor Analysis Tools

Getting to know your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses is the foundation on which to base good strategy. For brands, the growth of online activity has seen competitor analysis methods, metrics and tools blossom. There is now no shortage of competitor … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on October 9th 2017

Top Ten Most Influential Make-up Artists on Twitter

As we all know now, the internet has opened up professions previously difficult to get into. YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter all offer platforms for musicians, artists, and models to get noticed, build up a fanbase, and make some money. All … Read more

Influencers By Joshua Boyd on October 6th 2017

48 Inspirational Marketing Quotes to Motivate Your Selling

Quotes can be great. Whether you use them for practical advice, or just to inspire you on a difficult day, these little nuggets of wisdom can provide the spark you need. Marketers know how to come up with fresh ideas, … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on October 5th 2017

eSports Data: Analyzing The Huge Industry That Some People Have Never Heard Of

If you’re not into eSports, some of the stats surrounding the rapidly growing industry can be surprising. I knew eSports were a thing, but this headline raised my eyebrows a couple of weeks ago, and a bit of Googling revealed … Read more

Entertainment By Gemma Joyce on October 5th 2017