2017: Brandwatch’s Year in Review

By Phillip Agnew on December 21st 2017

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We love stats! 14 major updates. One new company joined us. And 137,000 snacks were eaten. Here's the Brandwatch year in review, 2017.

We really don’t like to brag, but 2017 was truly an exciting year for us.

With new customers, new products, new teammates and even a whole new company joining Brandwatch, we’ve got a lot to round up.

Here’s a brief look back at what we’ve accomplished this year.

The product

2017 was a landmark year for Brandwatch. With 14 major updates, it’s clear why our customers and independent analysts believe we’re world-leading.

Read on for our biggest highlights.

Speed to Insight 

More Data



  • Vizia + integral data sources: Integrated with Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Hootsuite Impact and BuzzSumo—all adding more ways to visualize your data.
  • New visualizations: Real-time, topics, location and more.
  • Vizia 2: The distribution hub and a development framework that supports custom integrations.

And Image Insights 

The company

  • 160 new staff: joining seven offices around the world
  • 81,270 social mentions of Brandwatch: including these lovely tweets
  • 2.6 million blog views
  • 16,000 new Brandwatch users: from some of the world’s largest companies
  • 768 users with over 1,000 web sessions: collecting billions of social mentions
  • 4 Brandwatch conferences: in Madrid, Denver, Berlin, and London
  • 1 new teamBuzzSumo 

How we coped

  • 137.5k snacks eaten
  • 83.9k cups of tea drunk
  • 57.9k cups of coffee drunk
  • 23.9k sodas drunk
  • 12.5k fussball games played
  • 8k table tennis games won or lost
  • 1,864 kudos given

Here’s to 2018

We’d like to use this chance to send out a big fat thank you to all of our clients and friends and hope that you enjoyed 2017 as much as we did.

We’ve got shedloads more planned for 2018, of course, so look forward to plenty more excitement, and we hope you come along for the ride with us.

If you have no idea who we are and you don’t know what we’re going on about, we’re sorry. You must be slightly interested though, as you’ve made it all the way to the bottom!

Get in touch or get a demo and see what all the fuss is about.

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