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Published December 8th 2020

4 Lessons You Can Learn From Online Reviews

Brandwatch Reviews helps users measure reviews online, compare them with competitor reviews side-by-side, and learn how to improve their ranking. Discover what you can do with four new features in the platform.

Reviews are the most important pieces of feedback you can receive about a product.

Not only do they provide vital information about your product’s strengths and weaknesses, they also tell your buyers whether or not to buy.

Whether we admit it or not, us marketers need to pay attention to online reviews. Small changes in how our goods are reviewed online can dramatically change consumer behavior.

In fact, studies show that consumers are heavily influenced by reviews:

  • 96% of all purchases are made for products with an average rating of 4 or more stars
  • Products with an average rating of 4 stars get 11.6 times more orders than products with an average star rating of 3
  • There were 126% more orders for products with an average rating of 5 stars than those with an average of 4 stars

Yet most marketers have no effective way to measure reviews online, compare their products to those of the competition, and learn what’s needed to improve ratings and sales.

Gathering insights from online reviews

With Brandwatch Reviews, marketers are finally able to make sense of how their products are perceived online.

Since launching back in May, Brandwatch Reviews has already started to help some of the world’s largest brands dramatically improve their performance online. Simply put, it can help you:

  • Improve your ranking: Learn what negative reviewers want, spot opportunities to improve your position, and garner a higher product rating
  • Beat the competition: Compare directly with your competitors and spot weaknesses you can capitalize on
  • Discover game-changing buyer needs: Find the small improvements that will supercharge growth
  • Sell more online: Garner better reviews, beat the competition, create better products, and ultimately sell more

4 major improvements

The Incubator team at Brandwatch has been hard at work making improvements to Brandwatch Reviews that make the solution even more powerful.

Here are the four updates:

1. Comparison dashboards

Now you can compare up to five different products side-by-side to learn how your brand competes. Quickly discover what features and functionality your customers love and which competitors are performing best.

Measure this data over time to spot disruptive competitors or stagnant market leaders. Use this information to learn your competitors’ weaknesses and capitalize on easy wins.

2. Entity maps

Create custom segmentations to dig into product characteristics or compare features directly with competing ones. Now you can start to dig into the specific features that customers rank you on. That could be video game graphics, running shoe grip, or mattress comfort rating. You have the power to segment your data any way you like and see how you rank against the competition.

3. Integration with Brandwatch Consumer Research

Upload data into the core Brandwatch platform for further analysis. That means you can use the features and functionality you love to analyze review data. Whether it’s leveraging Custom Classifiers to segment data or PowerPoint exports to share your data across the business, you can use the full power of BCR on Review data.

What’s more, star ratings are automatically added as categories for simple segmentation. That makes it easier than ever to break down and filter conversation. Users can quickly compare the language reviewers use with products they love or hone in on negative reviews to see what drives that conversation.

4. Access to 230 new review sites

Brandwatch Reviews is now able to gather data from 230 top sites across the web.

Find out more

Interested in learning more about how customers review your products online?

Head here to view our webinar to see the product in action.

Or click here to book a meeting with an expert.

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