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Published November 28th 2013

4 Creative Instagram Brand Campaigns

A selection of the best and most creative Instagram campaigns

People are smarter these days. They know when they’re being sold something, and aren’t as easily persuaded by advertising campaigns than in decades gone by.

But brands have become smarter, too. Most recognize the importance of social media, and carefully tailor specific campaigns around networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Because of the visual nature of Instagram, some brands have been able to develop some pretty creative Instagram accounts.

Here are four of the most interesting, creative uses of Instagram for brand campaigns.



Tiffany’s has centered their image around the theme of “true love” for a long time. Since the rise of Instagram they’ve decided to apply that theme more visually.

The company sent out some Instagrammers to document images that represented true love in New York and Paris, then share these images through their account.

They also encouraged fans to submit the best Instagram photos depicting their own true love, which was met with thousands of submissions.

The combination of using appealing images and inviting participation has made their Instagramming instantly successful and developed one of the best and most creative Instagram campaigns.

True love

Warby Parker


The glasses company has hosted several “Insta-Walks,” creative Instagram campaign journeys that lead fans from the company’s headquarters to a rooftop party across town.

Walkers are encouraged to document the way as they go, uploading the pictures and linking them back to the company’s Instagram page.

At the end of the trip, they get free drinks at the rooftop party, and in return Wary Parker has a flood of photo promotion to work with.




Heineken took the standard “scavenger hunt” contest and went in a whole new direction.

The company created a mosaic of images, then challenged fans to find the items and use hashtags on the appropriate pictures.

Winners of the hunt would receive tickets to the U.S. Open Men’s Final.

This contest received an influx of participants, and kept the brand relevant without having to use hokey advertising methods.

It also designed the contest in a way that kept the viewers on the Heineken page without having to redirect, a flaw many contests have yet to overcome. Sometimes redirection issues can be overcome with a highly creative Instagram campaign.



Puma did not have the best Instagram following, so it decided to outsource its advertising.

Rather than depend on their own following, they chose to reach out to some of the most influential Instagrammers out there for promotion.

They sent these Instagrammers out to events to chronicle them, and then hashtag back to Puma’s website and Instagram campaign.

They even sent some of these “photographers” overseas to places like Abu Dhabi, under the theme that they were chronicling the “awesome places that shoes take you.”

Puma ensured that many people would see these photos by using the aid of successful ’grammers; smart move, Puma.

Instagram Puma

Part of the joy of using the creative Instagram campaigns for your company is finding engaging and efficient ways to use it.

Some businesses looking to try out Instagram may feel overwhelmed and unsure of the best method to use.

If you’re planning on giving Instagram a try for your business, look closely at the needs of your company and what people perceive when they see you.

You can either use this knowledge to fuel your campaign, or work to distort or evolve this perception.

There are plenty of SEO companies with social media marketing knowledge, so don’t stress if you feel you need a little extra help and insight.

The world of engaging and creative Instagram marketing is still a relatively untapped mine where there is plenty left to be discovered for businesses everywhere.

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