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Published August 12th 2013

4 Tips for Working With a Design Agency

An integral part of working in digital marketing is presenting your brand in the best way possible, meaning getting the visual messaging right can be essential. One of the key aspects of this is your brand’s logo.

If you’re a bit artistically challenged, working with a logo design company and a graphic designer can seem like the only solution, yet can also be incredibly frustrating.

You might have trouble expressing what you really want out of a logo, which can leave both you and the designer frustrated.

Not sure where to begin with your logo design journey? These 4 tips can help you prepare for and get through the logo design process, even if art isn’t really your thing.

1/ Do your research ahead of time

Before you meet with a designer, or even choose a designer, you should do your research.

You should do some digging to learn which designer is right for you. Ask around your network and see which designers your colleagues recommend.

Once you start to get a few names, take a look at their portfolios and see if you like their past work.


Rummage through the designer’s website to get a feel for how he/she communicates and uses words.

Read through past client testimonials and ask a few questions if you can. Once you have a designer picked, you should familiarize yourself with the logo design process.

Have questions prepared to ask before the design process even starts: can you think of any logos you really like? If so, print or save pictures them.

Do your best to pinpoint what you think makes the logos successful and share these logos and your ideas with your designer.

2/ Know your brand and be able to explain it

You know your brand better than the designer. Before you meet with your designer, spend plenty of time thinking about your brand, what it means and what message you’re trying to convey.


Jot down a few notes to share with your designer. You can also research colour psychology beforehand to understand which colors best communicate your brand message.

For example, green is a color that’s associated with prestige, serenity, wealth and health. It’s a great color choice for finance, household goods, food, energy and technology companies.

If you understand your brand, you should be able to pick out a few colors that you think best represent the message your brand wants to send.

3/ Give the designer space to work

Though the wait can be frustrating, you have to give the designer time and space to work.


Give the designer all the assistance you can in terms of branding direction, but remember that the designer is the artist, and he or she should be left responsible to handle the artistic aspect of the design.

Don’t crowd or rush the designer. A good logo takes time and you can’t expect to see a finished product overnight.

4/ Be honest with feedback 

The design process is a journey. Don’t become frustrated if you have to go through several revisions until you get a logo you absolutely love.


Be honest and pointed with feedback. Do your best to keep expressing your brand message and explain why the logo does or doesn’t accurately represent your brand.

Don’t give up or settle for anything less than the logo that truly conveys the message of your brand.

Even if you don’t have an artistic knack, you can still be involved in the logo design process.

You know your brand better than anyone and that’s an important aspect to bring to the table.

Do your research, communicate your brand message and let the designer take over. Once you have a few logo proofs, give good feedback and don’t give up on the design process until you have a logo you absolutely love.


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