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Published February 20th 2012

5 Hot Tips for Brands Using Pinterest

Pinterest seems to be the hottest new network recently, with social media types spouting their advice on how to use it all over the internet. We’ve taken a moment to look at how it can be used by brands on the platform.

Pinterest for Brands is a special membership feature that allows users to advertise their items to gain better product and brand awareness. While you could just throw all your items on your page and hope for the best, that isn’t very effective.

Here is a list of five tips that will help you effectively advertise yourself without seeming like spam, and while successfully garnering some buzz.

Tip 1: Add Prices

While price may be no issue for some of the people on Pinterest, most people will be interested in how much something costs before they buy it.

You could add the price directly to the image of the product, but this would look odd. Instead, add the price in the image’s description, so people are able to see it.

This informs people about how much the item costs before they go to the order page, and if you are running a sale, this can really help garner some buzz around your product.

Adding these items to the “Gifts” section happens to be the best, as this has shown to get the most sales with this strategy.

Tip 2: Make a Lifestyle

If you sell furniture, you could just upload the furniture pictures sporadically, but that isn’t effective. What about making a lifestyle collage?

For example, if someone wants an old European looking bedroom, make one large image that displays all the items needed to accomplish this look.

Pair your items. This makes it easier to upsell, and it makes your posts look more organized. Not only that, but when people are looking for items, they are generally looking to achieve some sort of lifestyle.

By doing this, you resonate with your customer’s needs.

Tip 3: Don’t Just Sell

If all you try to do is sell products, then people won’t be interested in your profile. According to the common Twitter adage: use the 80/20 rule.

This means you spend 80% of your time pinning items from other users and posting valuable information, and 20% selling.

People appreciate when a business does more than just sell itself, and this can help you sell your products more effectively.

Not only that, but by featuring popular members, you can easily win the loyalty of people that like those members.

Tip 4: Obtain Customer Information

Pinterest, like all other social networks, is a place where people are surrendering a lot of information that you need to survive. When you release your products, people are going to comment on or pin images of your items.

What are they saying? Are they saying the product is great and couldn’t be better? Or, are they saying that there is absolutely nothing good about the item?

Even if they aren’t saying anything, which shows a lack of interest, this is vital information. You normally have to pay to get this information, so use this to your advantage.

Tip 5: Run a Pinning Contest

Contests are always able to move people, and you can harness this power easily. For example, tell people to pin 10 items from your profile, or ask people to take photos of themselves with their favorite product from your brand and pin it up. Offer a gift card for the best photos.

This enables you to canvas a large area of Pinterest by using these people as your agents. They will market for you, and you just have to pay the best one for their efforts.


Successfully making money through Pinterest is not difficult, and there are many ways of doing it. These are just five tips we thought of that could help out. If you have any other thoughts on the matter, please do let us know what your experiences with the network have been like.

Now’s your chance to go and explore how you can make a bit of money with Pinterest.

You can get a free Pinterest Invite today and have your account activated within 24 hours. Millions have already signed up to it already, so join today.

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