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Published December 11th 2013

Six Simple Lessons in Social Marketing

Social media has indelibly altered the landscape of business marketing, and continues to do so each day.

Whereas traditional marketing was formulaic and confined to a handful of relatively structured media forms; today’s marketing is fluid, changeable, and prone to traversing multiple media outlets.

Rather than an incessant monologue directed at wide audiences, the most effective marketing today sparks a conversation within a small targeted community.

The best marketers find ways to present their messages so consumers embrace them and come away feeling as though they have been given something of value for free.

Dove Campaign Social Media

Here’s a glimpse of some of the most cutting edge social marketing trends in 2013.

Targeting Hits the Mark


Blanket marketing that speaks to the masses is anachronistic and inefficient. It is simply too easy to ignore.

Social marketers today are utilizing online networks to build communities with clearly defined interest in their companies.

Whether it means reaching out to environmentalists by soliciting advice for making your products more green, offering unique tutorials that appeal to a niche audience of hobbyists, or developing fun games that appeal to youngsters; creative community building works.

When your message reaches those with a vested interest, they are bound to listen – and probably buy.


Consistency is Key


Branding is essential in the social media world. So each business must find ways to develop and release a steady stream of thematic content that communicates a consistent message. Every piece of content released ultimately defines the business that creates it.

So don’t confuse customers with conflicting styles, attitudes, or aesthetics. Choose a way to brand yourself, and stick to it.

Content Breeds Loyalty


When your content leaves users feeling as though they have been given a gift, you inevitably inspire a degree of loyalty in them. So put out great content that your community will want to share, and see your social media campaigns skyrocket to success.

Teach something valuable, provide quality entertainment, or advance a social cause. When you invest in your content, you invest in building customer loyalty.

Going Native


Native advertising is marketing that doesn’t look like marketing. It blends seamlessly into the forums though which it is presented, and holds appeal by containing the structured value that brought users to the website in the first place.

There are countless ways to use native advertising, and within social media they often involve using accounts that aren’t clearly defined business pages.


The Digital and Physical Merge


QR codes, geotags, and interactive ads are all great ways to bring social media campaigns into the physical environment. Connect with brick-and-mortar businesses, release relevant interactive giveaways, and give your physical ad campaigns a creative appeal for tech savvy consumers.

Where Social Media Marketing Goes Wrong


Social media marketing goes wrong when it forgets its role in the community.

Members of social networks don’t want to be sold to, and social media is simply the wrong platform for selling products. Rather, social networks are a place to disseminate your brand, build an image, inspire loyalty, and get audiences invested in your company ethos.

Though these strategies are the most effective to dominate the marketing landscape in 2013, if one thing is certain, it is that social marketing will be turned on its head once again in 2014. Web developers and creative advertisers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and every day businesses find new ways to connect with the public.

So while it is important to be aware of and learn from the current climate, the only way to truly succeed in marketing is to develop your own unique ways to innovate.

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