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Published June 17th 2014

Mix It Up, or Lose It

Mix it up. Clients’ number one demand from creative agencies today is to provide an integrated response. But, it's not that simple.

Clients’ number one demand from agencies today is often that they provide an integrated response.

But that is simply not possible if you cannot come up with a concept and produce an idea, and include a healthy dose of seasoned and directional account handling. 

The men behind each of these disciplines at Inkling have written up their thoughts.

1/ Account Handling


Account handling has become unfashionable in marketing agencies, often seen as a relic of the days of the big advertising agencies.

However, that is due to account handling becoming increasingly regarded as a non-specialism and so the wrong talent is employed. People are hired too often as “processors” and “passers-on” of information to production and creative teams.

Great account handling comes from senior minds who can offer a unique perspective to a client, and firm, unambiguous guidance to delivery partners throughout the agency.

With a foundation of intelligent account handling, the planning and creative teams have the best possible platforms to excel and produce business changing work for the client.

account handling

2/ Creative


Creative is, or at least should be, the life-blood of any agency and its success is down to the talent of those employed.

People tend to either be ideas people or not. However, there are some traits and techniques anyone can use that can make the good, great and the rest of us better and think more creatively.

There are loads of ‘how to be creative’ guides out there but here are two lesser talked about but equally important skills. It’s a boring place to start – but it’s vital that a creative is able to sell their own work and persuade the naysayers (there will be many), both internally and externally.

Anyone can have an idea but you have to take responsibility for making it happen.

Often, those who realize that they don’t have all the answers are the ones with the answer.

Listen, share, collaborate, take feedback and above all, talk to those around you.

There is a reason tech startups congregate around Silicon Valley, they’re around other bright lights that help push their own ideas forward. However, if you lose control of your ideas at delivery stage it can all go wrong.


3/ Production


This is why having an in-house production department allows creative and account teams instant access to the people who will be responsible for taking an idea and turning it into a reality.

The two-way relationship doesn’t stop there – for it is then the job of the creative team to follow the process and ensure that every detail is pushed as far as possible in the production – making tweaks and changes when required – so the end result really delivers on a client’s objectives.

This is why a right-minded creative marketing agency can never protect its future if it outsources elements like production, or does not knit together communications, creativity and production using the wise counsel of seasoned account handlers.

the team

R to L: David Proudlock (Creative), Jono Marcus (Client Direction & Account Handling), Will Parkinson (Production) from Inkling

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