Amy Collins on Data: Video Q&A Product

By Amy Collins on March 6th 2017

This week, I sit down with the wonderful Phil Agnew, our Product Marketing Manager for Data to talk through a pile of common questions that we get asked about.

Watch on to hear us talk about our new data product, Unlimited Historical Data, Instagram social data and our Data roadmap.

If all that hasn’t sold you on giving it a watch, you also get to find out how many chins I have (unlike data coverage – having more is not a good thing it turns out).

If you like this format – we’d love any feedback or have questions that you’d like us to answer in a future installment (ideally related to social data), please ask and we’ll certainly oblige.


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Amy Collins


Amy is VP of Product for Data at Brandwatch. Her responsibilities include developing the data strategy, data partnerships and acquisition and for owning the roadmap of new data products. She's a keen sailor and is mum to two little girls.