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Published February 3rd 2017

Amy Collins on Data: An Inside Look at What’s Coming in 2017

VP of Data at Brandwatch, Amy Collins, gives us a glimpse at the exciting investments we’re planning in the data teams at Brandwatch in 2017.

My role at Brandwatch is Vice President of Data – I’m responsible for owning all things data from a product and strategy perspective. I help drive our data investment decisions and partnerships along with facilitating many of our ideas on our upcoming data projects.

During 2016, I spent a lot of time communicating inwardly about our plans, but throughout 2017, I want to take more time to communicate directly with our customer base and the industry as a whole. As such, I’m going to be writing posts for the Brandwatch blog on a regular basis.

So with the introduction out of the way – in this first of the series I’m going to talk about major themes that I’d like to address in 2017.

Q1 AsiaPac Focus

We already have good coverage, globally, of all geographies, but as we’ve acquired bigger customers and achieved a more global presence, the thirst for more data in the Asia Pacific region has grown very significantly.

As a part of this initiative, we will be making improvements to our crawling of the local markets, signing new data partnerships for regional data and ingesting it and improving our support for languages in the region through a massive investment in data science. I will write more about this in my next article

Smarter Crawling Initiative

We crawl more data sources than any other social intelligence company, but I get constant feedback that you want more from us.

This covers everything from our crawling of Instagram hashtags, your Facebook pages, YouTube and of the millions of news sites, blogs and forums.

We will be taking an aggressive data driven approach to improving how we crawl these and navigating the complexities of things like rate limits. The second piece of the jigsaw will be to allow our end users to add sites directly into our crawlers and provide more visibility around coverage of those sites.

We are taking this initiative seriously enough that rather than it being an activity within the Data team, we are spinning off a new Data Crawling team dedicated to this. My intention with this is to share the interesting numbers that come out of this program on this series.

New Data Sources and Subscriptions

We are in talks with a number of potential new data partners which will give us access to potential new data sources.

Some of these will have broad appeal and we will bundle in with the analytics subscription so your service just keeps getting better.

Other planned data sources are a little more niche and so we will will offer these as optional bolt-on packages to supercharge the data in your Analytics product. I will announce these over the coming weeks and months.

Review Sites

One theme that I get asked for regularly is greater coverage of review sites. We are continually adding reviews to our crawlers, but a greater focus is a priority for us later in the year. I will share more as soon as I’m able.

I hope this short read was a useful glimpse at the exciting investments we’re planning in the data teams at Brandwatch. In part two, I plan to talk in more detail about our aggressive plans for in AsiaPac data.

Want to find out more? Join us at the NYK Conference in Denver in May and see us go in-depth on timely topics including the post-truth world and online data, the ethics of machine learning, and the practicalities of data lakes. Get your ticket here.

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