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Published October 10th 2017

Announcement: Brandwatch Vizia + Hootsuite Impact

We’re pleased to announce a brand new integration with our valued partner, Hootsuite. Discover how Hootsuite Impact and Brandwatch’s Vizia 2 work together.

Does social media engagement actually matter? Is it all 
a vanity exercise?

Ultimately, engagement spreads your content further, rippling out through natural networks, and should help attract new customers. But how can you be assured your marketing spend on paid and owned media is generating a return?

The demands to prove the value of social media have increased. Metrics such as likes and shares are no longer enough, especially if you’re trying to justify larger budgets and higher social ad spends.

Different forms of engagement create different actions.

If you want to drive brand awareness, retweets and shares will put your content in front of people who might not have seen it otherwise. Gaining followers is great for the long term, as more people will be presented with your content and can help spread it further.

But how does this ultimately pay off? And how can you determine if your marketing budget is having an impact on your business?

Now there’s a way to monitor your ad spend versus your ROI.

We’re pleased to announce a brand new integration with our valued partner, Hootsuite. This integration allows users to work with Hootsuite’s Impact product and Brandwatch’s Vizia platform, enabling you to attribute a real ROI against your marketing spend.

Hootsuite Impact

Hootsuite Impact measures Social Media ROI from paid and organic content and is integrated into the Hootsuite platform, with an easy-to-use interface, giving organizations a complete view of their owned, earned and paid social initiatives in one dashboard.

With Hootsuite Impact you can confidently measure and demonstrate that your social media investments are paying off.

Now you can accurately track the complete social conversion funnel, all the way to the business metrics that matter to you—including purchases, sign-ups, and email acquisition.

Brandwatch Vizia

Showcase your data and watch it enlighten and connect your people, on any screen, anywhere in the world.

Brandwatch Vizia is a fully-customizable, beautiful and engaging multi-screen display system that enables storytelling and action through social and marketing data visualization.

A beautiful combination

Vizia allows you to integrate your earned media with essential owned and paid social data results from Hootsuite Impact.

Create an end-to-end view of your brand performance online, and tell stories that your team can collaborate on and coordinate centrally, safe in the knowledge that they have all the data at their fingertips.

Drive better, more-informed decision making by giving your data a platform within the team and visibility across the organization.

For more information and to find out how your business can benefit, contact your CSM or the Brandwatch Partner Team at [email protected].

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