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Published July 21st 2016

Audience Intelligence: Which Marketing Websites Are Most Popular In Europe?

Audience intelligence experts EntSight reveal the findings of their research into how the UK's biggest marketing sites are rated in the rest of Europe

Whilst the UK’s future role within Europe may be a little unsure right now, there is no doubt that when it comes to the marketing industry it is still leading the field in the region. 

The UK is also home to some of the worlds finest marketing trade websites.

At EntSight we’re keen to understand how these resonate on the continent, where many of our existing and prospective customers in the luxury and fashion space are headquartered.

Using available social data from the past year and a half (sourced using Brandwatch) we were able to track both mentions and links to online articles from the four leading websites and publications – namely The Drum, Econsultancy, Marketing Week and Campaign – to find out where they most resonated and with which particular audiences.

The overall view

All Dashboard Marketing Publications Europe Project Pr Intelligence Brandwatch

From grouping together all of the audience data relating to these publications from Western Europe we immediately identified that the two most discussed and shared were The Drum and Econsultancy, with both seeing quite sizeable audience shares.

Looking at the geo-data for both also confirms that they are actively engaging with audience across most of the major European markets, although it is clear that The Drum sees a much larger share of conversation from the Netherlands than Econsultancy, an attribute it shares with both Campaign and Marketing Week.

Drum Econsultancy
Mw Campiagn

Looking into the audiences

Due to the focus of these websites and publications it doesn’t come as a surprise that their audience on the continent is made up of Sales, Marketing & PR roles.

However, like any marketing services company we’re also interested to find out which of them is most talked about by decision makers in brands and organizations, represented here by ‘Executives’.


Once again Econsultancy and The Drum are the clear winners here, seeing a higher percentage share – whilst Campaign’s content appears to be talked about and shared more by those identifying as Journalists and Marketing Week sees the most interest from Students.

Uncovering the most favored topics

Staying on the subject of job roles, our next step was to look at the topics most favored by our two key audience groups – Sales/Marketing/PR & Executives.

Img 0130

The results from looking at data for all four publications confirm that User Experience and Customer Experience are currently more talked about topics for Executives – whereas the other side of the chart suggest that posts and articles relating to social media platforms and campaigns are likely to prove more popular with the Sales/Marketing/PR group.

Naturally we’d have love to see our own practice of ‘Audience Intelligence’ on there too – and we’re sure one day it will be.

Img 0132

The same chart format, but this time looking specifically at the Econsultancy audience, shows a strong interest within the Executive group for content about innovation in Fashion, largely as a result of this article on the concept of ‘virtual fitting rooms’.

Meanwhile the Sales/Marketing/PR group show an interest in more general marketing topics such as E-Commerce, Digital Marketing and Customer Journeys.

In conclusion, it is clear that there is plenty to learn from audiences social data about the preferences and behaviors of our marketing cousins over on the continent.

As Brexit approaches we’ll need to ensure more than ever that we can continue to understand and relate to them.

This post originally appeared on the EntSight blog. You can visit the blog here.

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