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Published October 2nd 2012

Augmented Reality Placing a Lens on Real Life

Having the ability to project an image or video and view it in real world surroundings is one futuristic feeling, and a science that has been toyed around with since 1962.

Augmented reality, loosely defined as a view of a physical, or real-world environment whose elements are augmented by  computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics, or even GPS data.

What if there was an application that projected a particular object, say a piece of furniture in the environment it was intended… Giving you the ability to see how well it fits within your room allowing you to make a better-educated purchase. Well, British company, Sayduck Ltd has created just that.

The start up company based out of London and Helsinki has created a platform for mobile augmentation. “The app utilizes the live camera feed of a mobile device and projects a virtual representation of the item on to a tracking marker. This allows the user to observe the virtual product from any angle – as if it were really there.” The company hopes to partner with furniture manufactures and retailers around the world- with plans to function like typical retail company with features like, online purchasing and social media connections.

Many of us have been frustrated while shopping online trying to imagine what an article of clothing would look like or how a piece of furniture would fit. With companies like Sayduck it’s a reality. Closing the gap between online and offline retail.

We could see in years to come a huge surge of retail shopping weaved with AR technologies. Companies like IKEA who released their 2013 catalog with augmented reality features will benefit from exploring this industry. Mashing digital things with palpable items from the real world allow people the tools to become the designer- moving and investigation their surroundings.

While augmented reality is still a fairly young and developing industry, the days of saying what if are narrowing. Smartphones and other devices are becoming more and more sophisticated narrowing in on central capitalism and generating a new sector for companies to sell and reach people on.

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