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Published August 27th 2015

August Update: We’re Making Global Collaboration Easier

The internet has in many ways made the world smaller, meaning that global reach isn’t just reserved for those companies with huge marketing budgets anymore.

Increasingly, we see smart brands with creative global marketing campaigns reaching people all over the world.

We have users from over 70 countries, and as a global business ourselves we know how important collaboration across markets is.

Because of this, we’ve recently introduced a host of updates that allow you to measure and optimize your campaigns in more markets and work more collaboratively with your global teams.

Here are some of the highlights.

Track more of the world with 16 new languages


This month we added support for 16 new languages, so you can track online conversation across more of the world.

That takes us to 44 languages in total, which together are spoken by over 4 billion people worldwide.

Those 44 also include the top 10 most used languages on the internet (which are used by over 83% of internet users), so now you can be tracking conversations in more regions than ever before.

We don’t believe in claiming to cover hundred of languages if those languages don’t have a decent level of coverage and spam detection, so you can be sure that those we do support will provide useful insights without the irrelevant noise.

Track global hashtag or content campaigns with ‘Ignore language’ Queries

As the visual web continues to grow and the likes of Instagram continue to surge in popularity, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of users wanting to track hashtag, image and content-based campaigns and competitions.

Traditionally, language classifiers struggle to classify mentions where there is a limited amount of text alongside hashtags or links (e.g. posts like this) so campaign mentions can be missed.

We’ve introduced an option to ‘ignore language’ when setting up Queries, which bypasses the language classifiers and collects every mention that matches your Query regardless of language.

image 3

That way you can be sure to never miss a mention and can measure the full global impact of your hashtag or content campaigns.

Plus, the ‘ignore language’ option can also allow you to collect tweets in other languages, if you need to cover something outside of the 43 languages we support.

Let everyone benefit from social data whilst keeping Queries safe

We all know that many different departments and teams can benefit from social data, so we have a wide range of permissions levels in Analytics that you can use to control what different users can view and edit.

Those mean that your team can collaborate and benefit from insights without the risk of losing valuable work.

Queries are especially precious to many of our users and an accidental edit or deletion could cause you to lose valuable work or benchmarking numbers, and no one wants that.

blog image 1

That’s why we’ve introduced the ability for admins ‘lock’ Queries, so you can still allow members of your team to create and edit Dashboards and use other tools, but without the risk of your Queries being changed, moved or deleted.

This month we also added the ability to filter Signals by Tags and Categories to get even more targeted alerts on emerging issues, as well as adding Spanish localization options for our visualization product Brandwatch Vizia, meaning you can now display Vizia in seven languages.

For help using any of these latest updates, Brandwatch users can visit the Help Center.

You can also read more details in August’s ‘What’s next’ guide, or get in touch with us to find out more.

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