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Dinah Alobeid


Dinah is the Director of Comms here at Brandwatch. She tells our story, and keeps media, analysts and influencers informed on all our brilliant capabilities and news.


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Dinah Alobeid


Dinah is the Director of Comms here at Brandwatch. She tells our story, and keeps media, analysts and influencers informed on all our brilliant capabilities and news.


Ask the Experts: On The Consumer Insights Holy Grail of Proving Social ROI

In business, the bottom line is just that — the bottom line. The end all be all. The light at the end of all tunnels. Show me the money, honey. This is fairly easy to measure — simply look at revenue sales of your product or services. What is more difficult for businesses to measure […] Read more

Ask an Expert By Dinah Alobeid on January 10th 2017

On the Tough Question of Contradictory Data in Market Research Methodologies

It’s great when social supports an initial theory proven by traditional market research data. Wonderful, in fact. But what about when it…doesn’t? We’ve already explained why you need to embrace the “just do it” mantra when it comes to incorporating social data into your research mix. We also shared several ways to blend different data […] Read more

News Just In: Brandwatch is the 16th Best Place to Work in New York City

It’s that special time of year. The one we’ve all been waiting for, that brings up warm feelings and great memories. Well, at least here in the Brandwatch New York City office. The Crain’s Best Places to Work in New York 2016 rankings have just been announced and Brandwatch has moved up the list a […] Read more

Culture By Dinah Alobeid on December 8th 2016

Talking Market Research: Blending Data Sets for Actionable Social Insights

We’re back at it again, ready and willing to answer your pressing social consumer insights questions. These questions weren’t plucked from thin air, they surfaced during and after our recent webinar on why social is a vital component for uncovering the right data. If you missed our first post in this five-part series, there’s time to […] Read more

Extracting Consumer Insights from Social Data: Why You Need to Just Do It

If you haven’t heard of social CMI (that’s consumer market insights) you’ve not been reading our blog or recent papers (tsk tsk). At Brandwatch, we’re highly attuned to a priority user of social data that hasn’t received much fanfare until now — the consumer insights professional. It’s time to step into the light and unveil […] Read more

How Twitter Changed Marketing: Ten Influential Twitter Campaigns

Although it’s now impossible for marketers to imagine a world without Twitter, conscious campaigns and movements on Twitter are still relatively recent. We’ve selected some of the most impactful campaigns over the last ten years to demonstrate Twitter’s incredible rise in the world of marketing and highlight the best of the last decade. Twitter’s conception […] Read more

Marketing By Dinah Alobeid on March 21st 2016

React: REI’s Social-Driven Remedy to Thanksgiving Shopping Madness

Shopping and the holidays, a pairing that’s been around since…well, since long before this author got her first credit card. But, with so much competition and noise, how can a brand now do something new, and inspire a positive change? Read more

Trending By Dinah Alobeid on December 2nd 2015

React: Which Retailers Saw Success on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days on the planet – so along with Small Business Saturday and every other Thanksgiving shopping event imaginable, we knew there would be a whole lot of social data to analyze. Read more

Research By Dinah Alobeid on November 30th 2015

Events: PR, Honesty, and Disrupting Digital Business at Inbound ’15

The marketing technology masses enthusiastically descended upon Boston immediately following Labor Day for a meeting of the minds: Hubspot’s INBOUND. Read more

Community By Dinah Alobeid on September 17th 2015

The Social Psyche of the American Worker: U.S. Job Joy Report

At Brandwatch, it’s not enough to see data on trending social stories or brand campaigns. It’s not even enough to dive deep into breaking news and see how those topics are playing out on social. Everyone here at Brandwatch yearns to know more and challenge social data and the Brandwatch Analytics platform to help us pull […] Read more

Research By Dinah Alobeid on June 10th 2015