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Iris is a social media enthusiast with a passion for writing and playing the piano.


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Iris Vermeren


Iris is a social media enthusiast with a passion for writing and playing the piano.


The Top 12 Free Twitter Analytics Tools

With so many Twitter analytics tools out there, it’s hard to know which ones to trust with your Twitter account. Some may wish to track the tweets about their brand or competition, some will want to engage with leads or clients, and others may wish to track the success of their campaigns, among tons of […] Read more

Marketing By Iris Vermeren on September 1st 2017

FAQs: Everything You Need To Know About Dashboards

Rarely does a single employee in an organization carry out all social media analysis. Brandwatch is built for collaboration, and that is why we offer unlimited user logins for all our customers, at no extra charge. Read more

Guide By Iris Vermeren on July 27th 2015

FAQ: How does Brandwatch classify location?

For many companies, connecting with a local audience is key to generate brand awareness or grow their customer base. But as billions of messages are shared daily online, how do companies find the messages near them? With location data, that’s how. Read more

Guide By Iris Vermeren on June 15th 2015

Marketing: Want Social Media Advocates? Start With Your Employees

  Would you believe us if we said you could increase the reach of your social media content by at least 10%, by using a resource you already have? Which resource? Your employees. The best brand advocates already work for you. Your employees are the biggest marketing asset a brand can have. Yet often, they are […] Read more

Marketing By Iris Vermeren on June 5th 2015

Communities: We Rate the Top 10 Free Twitter Chat Tools

You may have participated in, or at least seen, a Twitter chat on your feed. Twitter users around the world host chats at specific times and days of the week, for anyone to participate in by following a single hashtag – like our #BrandwatchTips hashtag we use during webinars or live events. Generally, these live Twitter […] Read more

Marketing By Iris Vermeren on May 20th 2015

Study: What Did Your Mom Really Want For Mother’s Day?

Last Sunday, Mother’s Day was trending on Twitter in the UK, leading many people to worry they may have forgotten something rather important, for a good reason. It was in fact Mother’s Day in the US and in most other countries. Read more

Infographic: Are You Addicted to Your Phone?

In today’s world, more people have access to a mobile phone than a toilet. Don’t look so surprised. Look around you, on your desk, other people’s desks. Didn’t you just press a button on your phone to check if you haven’t received any messages? Read more

Marketing By Iris Vermeren on April 23rd 2015

FAQ: What’s the Difference Between Tags and Categories?

Many of our clients use categorization and tagging to segment their data. Tags and Categories are two of the most powerful features of Brandwatch as it allows you to chart and filter your data in more interesting ways. But often new clients get confused between the two. When should you be using Tags or Categories? What’s […] Read more

Guide By Iris Vermeren on April 2nd 2015

Marketing: 7 Steps for Measuring Social Media

How do you know if your social media marketing efforts are effective? Which posts drive the most traffic? What social media metrics should you be monitoring? How do you interpret the numbers once you have them? Measuring social media success has long been debated. There are so many metrics to choose from it can be […] Read more

Guide By Iris Vermeren on March 10th 2015

Research: Noting the Rising Role of Social Analytics in Healthcare

Among the 50 largest drug makers in the world, more than half still aren’t actively using social media to engage healthcare consumers or patients. Most of them primarily use social media as a broadcasting channel, and no more than 10 are on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. Even with drug makers’ recent increases in digital spending, the […] Read more

Research By Iris Vermeren on March 4th 2015