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James loves music, the outdoors, travelling and Fenway Franks.


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James Lovejoy


James loves music, the outdoors, travelling and Fenway Franks.


4 Social Media Insights on Credit Cards

In the first quarter of 2017, five leading credit cards (Discover, VISA, MasterCard, Capital One, and American Express) were mentioned over 78,000 times on Twitter alone. Many of today’s marketing thought leaders will tell you that the day when businesses owned their own brands is over. Social media, review sites, and the general accessibility of […] Read more

Research By James Lovejoy on May 5th 2017

Commentary: The Importance of Making Data Beautiful

Close your eyes and envision data. What do you see? Are there numbers? Spreadsheets and tables? Graphs and pie charts? Or maybe just a bunch of 1’s and 0’s? Now consider the emotions those images evoke – how does data make you feel? For too long, the idea of data has been misguided. Yes, data […] Read more

Commentary By James Lovejoy on March 20th 2017

Financial Services: Building Trust from Knowledge

Trust has never been so present, and so crucial, in our marketplace. When we purchase products, we trust that they’ll meet our expectations. When we order goods online, we trust they’ll be delivered or otherwise refunded. We deposit our entire fortunes into bank accounts, believing that our funds will be securely handled, and readily accessible. […] Read more

Research By James Lovejoy on January 24th 2017

What Does Your Alcohol of Choice Say About You?

We’ve frequently discussed the importance of context in making data-driven decisions. Context helps us answer the question: what’s unique about our data? What separates our brand from our competitors? When you look at a volume map of conversation across the US, unless you’re examining local dialect, New York and California will almost always garner the […] Read more

By James Lovejoy on November 7th 2016

The Social Outlook: Insights in Context

Insights consumers have been hoodwinked. Time and again they’ve accepted insights without understanding the context behind them. It seems obvious but often isn’t: data without context isn’t that useful. Consider a golfer who sinks a hole in four strokes. If we want to actually understand how well the golfer performed, we need more context. What […] Read more

Research By James Lovejoy on September 27th 2016

Egg Cream, Hoagie, Po Boy? Now You’re Speaking My Language

Ordering a “frappe” at any diner in New York City is a mistake that can only lead to two things. The waiter will either confirm that they are not Starbucks, and do not serve “frappuccinos,” or worse, they’ll suspect you’re from New England. Yet despite any scornful looks it might earn them, New Englanders are […] Read more

Research By James Lovejoy on September 14th 2016

New Guide: Thoughts On Crafting a Brand Identity

Executives at the agency Wieden+Kennedy must have been pleased to find out that, amidst the multi-million dollar advertisements featured at the 2010 Super Bowl, it was actually their Old Spice YouTube video that captured the public’s imagination. The video forever changed the face of advertising. Countless advertisers, researchers and thought-leaders would scrutinize the ad, trying […] Read more

Guide By James Lovejoy on August 9th 2016

Report: Social Insights on the Retail Industry

While only around 7.5% of retail sales occur online, the role of digital has never been so crucial. Read more

Research By James Lovejoy on June 16th 2016

Free Report: B2B Industry Spotlight on Industrial Technology

The industrial technology sector is probably not the most widely discussed industry in the world – that designation would more likely go to the likes of retail or television. Read more

Research By James Lovejoy on May 5th 2016