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Natalie has worked in marketing for a decade, and is the Head of Content and Social at Brandwatch. She'll put an egg on almost anything.


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Natalie Meehan


Natalie has worked in marketing for a decade, and is the Head of Content and Social at Brandwatch. She'll put an egg on almost anything.


Brandwatch @ SXSW: Where to Find Us, and How to Brunch With Us

It’s that time again – when the worlds of music, film, tech and interactive media smash into one another at speed, combine with a load of barbecued meat, and create a festival like no other; SXSW. The event needs no introduction, really, so I won’t bore you. You know what to expect at this point, you […] Read more

Announcement By Natalie Meehan on March 9th 2017

Case Study: Social Data and the Launch of VICELAND

Having been an early Adam Richman enthusiast (I spent most of the fallout of the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull stuck in Jamaica, watching Man vs Food and rubbing aloe gel on my completely brutal sunburn), I was absolutely delighted last year to learn of a new VICELAND show, F**k That’s Delicious. Former chef and rapper Action Bronson travels […] Read more

Case Study By Natalie Meehan on January 16th 2017

Guidelines: Submitting an Article for the Brandwatch Blog

As a potential guest contributor to the Brandwatch Blog, you might like a little extra information on what types of articles we like to publish, and how to submit a pitch. Although these guidelines are flexible, they contain some guiding principles that have been known to work for us and will ensure that your contribution is […] Read more

Community By Natalie Meehan on January 13th 2017

Golden Globes 2017: One of the Most Over-rated Actresses in Hollywood Steals the Show

The 74th Golden Globe Awards took place in Beverly Hills on Sunday afternoon – and now, but 12 hours later – we hit you with the data and how it went down on social. Although attention is often cast on the sartorial choices of its women attendees rather than the actual awards, we’re here to redress […] Read more

Entertainment By Natalie Meehan on January 9th 2017

Women in Tech: Discussing Innovation, Diversity & Sexism with Meta Brown

One of the many perks of working at Brandwatch is the sheer volume of incredibly smart women (and men! You’re great too!) I get to spend time with, and talk to, every day. I feel like I’m constantly inspired  – working in the tech industry is never slow, and never boring. I can watch conversations on […] Read more

Interview By Natalie Meehan on December 9th 2016

John Lewis: Can Serving Up a Slice of Festive Joy Save 2016?

After a turbulent week, what we really needed was for the festive season to come early. And, so it did. Yesterday I heard a cover of Oh Little Town of Bethlehem in a homeware shop, and within an hour I’d bought two dozen mince pies, a pack of stollen, ‘frosty fancies’ and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. If you’re […] Read more

Trending By Natalie Meehan on November 11th 2016

Women in Tech: Talking Tech in Stockholm With Sophia Skinbjerg

Prior to working here at Brandwatch, I spent a few years working in marketing in publishing. My team, and the office as a whole, was primarily female – and that’s generally the case in the industry. A survey of American publishing houses found that publishing is predominantly female, ‘with 78% women.’ My experience in that industry was being […] Read more

By Natalie Meehan on November 3rd 2016

NYK Europe Live: Day Two

Good morning everyone! It’s bright and early and the beginning of NYK day two, and if you followed the liveblog yesterday, or the Chicago liveblogs back in May, you know how this goes down. If not, in short, I’ll be updating this throughout the day with all the happenings at the Now You Know Conference here in London. Follow […] Read more

Community By Natalie Meehan on October 21st 2016

NYK Europe Live: Day One

The day is finally here. It’s October 20th, London is looking beautiful, we can see the Shard from the front door, and the inaugural Now You Know Europe is underway. I’m going to be guiding you through the next two days from Prospero House in London Bridge, so keep checking back for more! I don’t usually allow […] Read more

Community By Natalie Meehan on October 20th 2016

Change Management: Transforming an Organization Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Undergoing any kind of change can be fatal for previously successful businesses. Confronted with disruption, some companies struggle through a period of change which, as reported by Associate Professor at the London Business School, Donald Sull, can lead to active inertia. As Sull explains in his 1999 study on disruptive change: “The problem is not an […] Read more

Commentary By Natalie Meehan on September 8th 2016