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Published May 24th 2016

Free Industry Report: B2B Spotlight on Chemical Connections

The chemical industry is responsible for over 96% of all consumer goods. Our Chemical Connections report analyzes how 20 leading companies use social

One industry, originating thousands of years ago, has changed human life unlike any other industry.

Ever since its origins in ancient trade, the chemical industry has remained the lifeblood of our trade and way of life.

The companies that make raw materials usable solidified their place in the global economy ever since the Industrial Revolution.

Now, chemical companies are essential to the manufacturing of thousands of different products across many different industries.

The footprints of the chemical industry are everywhere. Currently, the industry is responsible in some part for over 96% of all consumer goods.

House cleaning product on wood table

From the soap you used to bathe to the glass you filled with orange juice, it’s likely that before you even got to work this morning, the chemical industry has convenienced your life in dozens of different ways.

Clearly, the industry deserves a thank you.

However, if you plan to use social media to thank the chemical industry for all they do, you might want to save your energy.

With only 40% of top chemical firms operating both Twitter and Facebook accounts, the chemical industry seems to be ubiquitous everywhere but on social.

Each year, these chemical brands receive tens of thousands of direct @mentions on Twitter alone, and between just the two leading companies, they acquire half of a million overall mentions online.

In our B2B Industry Spotlight: Chemical Connections, we investigate the ways in which twenty leading chemical companies use social media, and how their presence affects the greater chemical conversation.

An examination of the chemical conversation

The following chart, taken from the report, breaks down the makeup of the chemical conversation on Twitter.


In the year’s worth of chemical industry related Twitter conversation analyzed, over 85% of tweets were audience-generated, 55,000 of which were @mentions of specific brands. Of these tweets, only 713 received replies from chemical brands.

Mentions on social media are a key resource in any business social media. However, when 60% of UK companies don’t have any social presence whatsoever, these mentions are falling on deaf ears.

Chemical brands are missing the opportunity to control the topics their audiences talk about, and respond specifically to their questions and concerns.

The report continues to compare the social media brand presence of two of the world’s biggest chemical companies, intending to merge this year.


The analysis of over 70,000 American web pages found Dupont mentioned over twice as often as Dow Chemical was, revealing the importance of keeping the name DuPont as the business evolves.

Social media presence and social analytics: The chemical industry’s final frontier

Many B2B companies have not taken advantage of social media as quickly as business-to-consumer (B2C) companies have.

Nonetheless, some B2B industries like business software and aerospace are pioneering the move to social for market research and brand awareness, and in return those companies reap all the rewards in the form of reach and volume of engagement.

For comprising an industry that has remained an integral part of our lives and economy for centuries, chemical companies are falling behind the curve in the social revolution.

Meanwhile, potential customers and investors are taking to the internet to voice their opinions. Chemical companies will receive an average of 38,000 mentions each year whether or not they capitalize on the powers of social media.

The brands who don’t evolve with their market will be left behind.

Chemical industry, your stakeholders are @mentioning you.

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