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Published May 26th 2011

Ban or not, Social Media loves Marmite

News that Denmark has supposedly banned Marmite has caused both confusion and outrage across the UK over the last couple of days. The story received substantial coverage in mainstream news including The Telegraph, The Guardian and even BBC Breakfast News.

However, in response to the uproar, the Danish UK embassy stated that it has not actually been banned, but that ‘fortified foods with added vitamins, minerals or other substances can not be marketed in Denmark unless approved by Danish food authorities’. Consequently, pots of Marmite have been withdrawn from Danish shelves due to the producers of Marmite not seeking this approval.

Undying Love

Amidst all the puzzling technicaltities, there is one constant strain of certainty. We can reveal that social media across the globe shows there is still more love than hate for the classic spread:

Thanks to the legendary campaign, Marmite has it’s own customised sentiment analysis system. It’s made the issue really quite easy – as simple as love and hate in fact. So, rather than using our conventional , we ran searches for the two terms within all mentions of Marmite.

Over time too, the love constantly remains stronger than the hate. We can see the spike in mentions following this week’s news about the Danish ban, but still love peaks above hate:

A different story in Denmark…

To see what the Danes themselves thought about Marmite during the news story, we ran a search for mentions of Marmite coming only from Danish Twitter users. Unanimously, the findings showed that the people of Denmark were behind their government’s decisions and generally considered it an amusing insult to the UK:

“I think we should ban UK altogether. All they do is drive on the wrong side of the road! “

“Tried Marmite once, still remember it ;-( I think the English use it to test for compatibility, citizenship, sense of humour…”

“Can’t believe Marmite is banned in Denmark :’) HILARIOUS. oh well… i don’t care as long as we’re still allowed to eat Nutella.”

Still, in light of the data showing that overall the love of Marmite substantially outweighs the hate, Denmark will have to either shout a lot louder or try and win the support of other nations to defeat the mighty yeast extract.

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