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Upcoming Webinar: What does it mean to be consumer fit?

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Published July 18th 2011

Brandwatch and Google+

Yesterday, TechCrunch put out a post which questions why Google hasn’t yet facilitated search within public posts on Google+. They are also yet to display Google+ results in their main search.

So it seemed like a good opportunity to say that Brandwatch already indexes Google+ and displays the results in your queries. Furthermore, we’re one of the very few (only?) Social Media Monitoring services that can actually track what people are saying about Google+. We can do this because we have more operators than any other service, and in this particular case the Raw: operator is what’s needed.

Because Google and + are such generic terms, it is very easy to generate a massive number of irrelevant results which feature both. We have created a watertight Google+ query string to search for mentions of Google+ and those talking about it on other social networks blogs, news and forums.

Using Brandwatch’s ‘raw’ operator, we set up the query below to track volume, sentiment and issues surrounding Google’s social network to find out whether the testbed of 10m users had found it revolutionary, confusing or just a better version of Facebook.

(raw:(google+ OR Google+ OR GOOGLE+ OR “google +” OR “Google +” OR “GOOGLE +”))

OR ((Google) NEAR/2 (circle OR circles OR plus))

NOT “Google+Search”~3

If you want to take a look at what is being said about your brand on Google+ results are already being picked up automatically within your Brandwatch searches, but you can also isolate what’s being said purely on Google+ by using your brand or compeitors and using our ‘site’ operator as below.

hsbc site:plus.google.com

We will be watching the evolution of Google+ at Brandwatch, so stay tuned for more posts on this topic soon.

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