Latest resource: Maturing from social listening to digital consumer intelligence

A practical guide to levelling up how consumer insights are used across your organization

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Latest resource: Maturing from social listening to digital consumer intelligence

A practical guide to levelling up how consumer insights are used across your organization

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Published October 1st 2012

Brandwatch Feature: Sample Reports

The data served up by social media monitoring solutions deliver ample amounts of information for in-depth reports. These robust reports are not only beneficial for proving ROI but also planning for future business. Brandwatch’s interactive dashboard allows users to create their own reports to present such data, in a simple and meaningful way.

However, we understand that sometimes people don’t have the time or resources to produce fully-fledged reports in-house. It’s convenient then, that Brandwatch can provide not only the software itself, but also the expertise and know-how to produce more in-depth reports.

We wanted to showcase some of the highlights of such an analysis, so we’ve provided several sample reports to give you an idea of the business value you can gain from them. In particular, the information we uncovered about the McDonald’s brand and the fast-food industry as a whole proved to not only be informative but also left us extremely hungry.

By far one of the most noticeable food brands, arguably both online and off, the company surpassed and held its own when monitored alongside other competitors. Mickey D’s was the fastest growing brand among its competitors, such as Burger King and KFC. The chart below highlights the speed at which the individual fast-food brands are growing.

While McDonalds had the highest growth over all, Brandwatch data shows that each brand grew at a similar rate over the 12-month period. Highlighting that visibility on the web for the fast-food sector grew roughly five-fold this past year.

Even more interesting is the revealing information that the food sector is having more growth in social media than other more potentially well-known social sectors like fashion, or the automotive industry. The fast food sector has taken on social media to steadily grow their business, which in return has created opportunity for brands to rub elbows with highly visible competitors like McDonald’s.

Having this information is fundamental for any brand looking for competitive market research or measuring ROI.

Tracking McDonald’s over a fixed period of time showed where the brand peaked and on which social platforms. Their prominence online attested to their growing social presence on the web.

Interacting with customers, menu discussions and sweepstakes were all deliberated on various social channels. Through being active across all these platforms McDonald’s was able to funnel any negative feedback about their brand and re-align their strategy moving forward.

Twitter proved to be the sweet spot for the brand and where the most conversation and growth occurred. Having the ability to dive into the conversation and see where the trending topics are happening brings a brand closer to the consumer and creates a more humanized persona online.

These reports can be done on a variety of topics and in different approaches, so whether your boss is curious how a certain competitor is doing or if the marketing team wants to track ROI on a huge campaign, Brandwatch can deliver relevant, actionable insights.

If you’re curious as to how Brandwatch can help you interpret the data for you own reports, or if you’d like a report like this from us directly, feel free to reach out at  we’re happy to provide feedback and insights.

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