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Published August 27th 2020

Four Ways to Find New Insights With TV Data in Brandwatch

Our new integration with Kintetiq will change the way you report on cross-channel paid, owned, and earned content.

Today we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Kintetiq, the pioneer of real-time TV intelligence for brands.

For years, marketers have sought analytics platform that reflect their unified and holistic approach to marketing, but continue to rely on channel-specific solutions.

Bringing Kinetiq’s data, from over 2,600 TV stations spanning more than 85 countries, into Brandwatch provides a seamless view of digital and TV data in a single platform, allowing marketers and analysts to discover, organize, and distribute insights.

The ability to analyze Kinetiq’s unique data with Brandwatch’s industry-leading machine learning technology opens up a whole host of new opportunities. We’re focussing here on four in particular that will change the way you report on cross-channel paid, owned, and earned content.

Build a 360 degree view of brand awareness

TV data lets you complete the picture of where your brand is being talked about or seen by consumers. Now you can track social, online, and TV all in one report in real time.

Kinetiq data can tell you the level of TV exposure any brand is receiving, and can differentiate between:

  • Paid spots and earned mentions
  • Markets your brand appeared in – local, national, or global
  • When and where your brand was ‘heard’ (listening for people mentioning the brand by tracking closed captioning)

Just like with online data in Brandwatch, you can monitor your competitors in the same way allowing you to measure ongoing total share of voice across each medium.

Monitor the full lifecycle of a crisis

Since the rise of social media, brands have had to learn to deal with a new, faster, and more complex public relations cycle. Gone are the days when detecting an emerging crisis involved keeping a close eye on a handful of news outlets.

Social media acts as a catalyst for spreading good and bad news across the globe, and, more often, what’s happened on social media is the news.

Brands need to have a complete, real-time view of the media landscape to detect reputational threats wherever they are emerging. By understanding if and how a story is moving from social to TV or the other way around they can predict how the news might unfold and craft a suitable response for the right moment.

For example, if a story is bubbling away in a corner of the web but not being picked up by the media, it might be the best course of action to leave it alone. On the other hand, if social media users have whipped up enough attention to appear in a small regional news report, it might make sense to get ahead of the national press’ response with a statement.

Brandwatch alerts can also detect shifts in TV coverage and send an email instantly to anyone who needs to start preparing a response to a breaking news story.

Discover the drivers of media coverage

Kinetiq data can be analyzed with all of Brandwatch’s AI-powered text analysis capabilities. This means you can segment data to observe trends within more nuanced types of coverage.

TV coverage tends to happen in spikes, when a brand hits a headline that is repeated across news stations. These spikes are important to track but you’re also going to want to filter out big news stories or financial reports to monitor things like:

  • Discussions of your brand in lifestyle and review programs
  • Celebrities name-dropping your brand on chat shows
  • Organic product placement in TV dramas

With Custom Classifiers, you can go a step further and use machine learning to segment TV data by drivers of coverage and compare how your products are talked about across TV and social media. Is your brand seen as aspirational, or value for money? Do people associate it with your core brand values? How do these perceptions differ depending on the medium?

Measure the impact of your paid strategy

By answering these questions and monitoring the competition in a similar way, you can understand how effective your messaging is at building brand equity. You can also measure the impact of your TV ad, event sponsorship, or product-placement strategy more directly.

By charting paid against earned you can see the impact you’re having on TV coverage and track your logo during sponsored events and beyond. But adding social data into the mix allows you to follow the spread of your ads on the ‘second screen’ as well. For example:

  • Track people posting about ads as they are airing
  • Monitor changes in social chatter during events where your sponsorship is visible
  • Isolate ‘intent to purchase’ to understand how effective your ads are at driving actual demand

These blended insights can help you plan how to align your TV and social campaigns.

If your ads themselves are talked about a lot you might want to encourage sharing online versions and including social calls to action in them to drive awareness.

If viewers are talking about your products more generally, you might instead follow up with links to special offers while you have their attention.

There’s no doubt that TV and social have a symbiotic relationship. What marketers want to understand is: how does this relationship work?

Does what people see and hear on TV influence how they talk online or does social media set the TV and news agenda? And, most importantly, how can brands optimize their content strategy to work best in this multi-screen world?

With the new offering from Kinetiq and Brandwatch we’re helping marketers to answer these questions. To see the integration in action book a meeting with one of our experts today.

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