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Published January 22nd 2015

A Brief Introduction: The 26 Second Command Center

At Brandwatch we’re innovating at breakneck speed, providing value to our clients via our powerful analytics tools.

While many of our new features add sophistication and depth to Brandwatch’s capabilities, we are keenly aware that if they make your life more difficult, you simply won’t use them.

When social media command centers were first introduced they were spectacular – monolithic displays showing hand-crafted data sets through highly customized visuals.

It was an exciting time, but lack of flexibility was and remains a drawback for traditional command centers.

vizia image

We’ve made a pact to address this issue, the trade-off of power vs. flexibility, head-on.

We believe you should be able to create and switch among different command center set ups quickly for different teams and changing scenarios.

New goals, new outcomes

A goal we’ve thrown around is a 30 second command center set-up.

In September we released a big update to Vizia: a new admin interface for simple creation and manipulation of Vizia scenes via a second screen, without ever having to take down the full-screen visualizations.

Vizia Flow Diagram v2

The new interface uses drag and drop functionality to manipulate visualizations, so switching visualizations among screens is nearly effortless.

It also features instant preview, so you can see the visualization transform live as you select the data sources and change filters.

Finally, the interface has a duplicate button, so when you need a new visualization there is no reason to recreate the wheel- simply duplicate a current visualization and customize its auto-filled settings accordingly.

vizia gif

Upon release we saw quick adoption of the admin interface, and our analytics indicate that Vizia is now remarkably flexible and easy to use:

Building a new Vizia command center takes 32% less time.

Creating a scene now only takes an average 25.6 seconds and 5 clicks. Editing a scene only requires 3 clicks on average.

We’re continuing to add to Vizia’s capabilities- it’s flexibility, customization features, and visualizations. Be on the lookout for lots of new Vizia features.

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