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Brighton Digital Festival Lights Up on Social Media Marketing

By Jasmine Jaume on October 16th 2012

Brighton’s digital crowd should now, hopefully, be fully recovered after a month jam-packed with exciting events for Brighton Digital Festival.

The festival ran throughout September, bringing together the vibrant arts and digital communities of Brighton and beyond. Over 100 events took place, from big conferences to small meet ups, most of which were free.

The annual festival is organised by members of Brighton’s digital and arts communities, and is co-ordinated by Wired Sussex in association with Lighthouse.

Of course, as this is a celebration of all things digital, social media played a big part in the festival, with most of the events coining their own hashtag so attendees could connect on Twitter, and non-attendees could follow the action as it happened.

We tracked online chat about the festival, including the use of the various event hashtags on Twitter throughout the month, and put together a summary of the festival’s buzz.

We found that 88% of general chat about the Festival took place on Twitter, with the most influential tweeter taking part in the conversation being local MP Caroline Lucas, who has over 46,000 followers.

The festival also featured on several high profile news sites, including The Guardian and local newspaper The Argus.

When it comes to the use of event hashtags, we found that most tweeters posted about specific events during the morning, with another, smaller, peak in conversation mid-afternoon.

BrightonSEO experienced by far the most conversation, with over three and a half thousand tweets using the official hashtag #brightonseo.

For more analysis of the festival and to find out which other events gained the most buzz, you can read the full report here.

You can also see some fantastic photos of all the events on the Brighton Digital Festival Facebook page, or follow them for the latest news and details about next year’s festival on Twitter at @digitalbrighton.

Image credit (header): Daniel Yanez Gonzalez