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Published November 27th 2013

Case Study: Kellogg’s Boosts Social Media Campaign ROI

Running competitions has been a popular way of boosting sales and generating awareness of brands for many, many years. With the momentous shift from traditional to digital marketing over the past decade competitions have also taken on a digital form. Running a successful digital competition can be tricky, and you could find yourself drowning in an ocean of social data, trying to unearth the winners, identifying the most influential entrants and managing the levels of consumer engagement. When Kellogg’s were looking for a platform to help handle these issues they knew the best product on the market for such a job was Brandwatch.
Kellogg’s don’t really need an introduction. They are a globally recognised breakfast brand, responsible for some of the most iconic marketing and advertising campaigns of the past and current century.

The Goal

Kellogg’s wanted to run a 3 month, UK-specific social media campaign for their breakfast cereal Krave during Summer 2013 and having previously conducted such activities via an agency, they wanted to bring this campaign in-house. Ahead of the campaign Kellogg’s had three main goals; 1. To flexibly launch social media campaigns in a streamlined manner 2. Sponsor exciting social competitions and award winners fast 3. Discover topical events and issues that inform future social media campaign ideas

The Challenge

To speed up the campaign process and to allow the organisation to have full control over the social data, Kellogg’s decided they wanted to manage the competition in-house, rather than outsourcing the campaign to an agency.     The platform Kellogg’s chose to manage the campaign therefore need to be easy to use, reliable and insightful.

The Solution

Brandwatch Analytics dashboards and templates allowed even the most unanalytical minds to get up to speed fast. Not using an experienced agency for the campaign meant that the Brandwatch ‘always on’ support team were also a major draw for the Kellogg’s social teams.

“The simplicity of the Brandwatch platform and exceptional support allowed us to dig into Twitter campaigns in ways we had thought to be too complex in the past.” – Vicky Keller, Digital Executive at Kellogg’s UK.


The Campaign

The ‘Tweet When U Eat’ Twitter campaign was a series of daily challenges communicated via the @KraveUnleased Twitter account. To drive sales of Krave many of the challenges required the entrants to tweet a picture of a Krave cereal box. krave Brandwatch Analytics collated all responses to the daily challenges over the three month period.

This presented Kellogg’s with a wealth of data right at their fingertips. “The Brandwatch dashboards were a goldmine of data that was easy to understand.” – Vicky Keller, Digital Executive at Kellogg’s UK.  

The fully customised dashboards allowed Kellogg’s to;

Using Brandwatch Analytics for this campaign has put Kelloggs in an advantageous position for their next digital campaign. The brand is in the driving seat, accompanied by a vast amount of data on their consumers which will help influence and inspire future campaigns which will ensure even greater success.

“Brandwatch makes us social media savvy with very little effort.”  – Vicky Keller, Digital Executive at Kellogg’s UK.


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