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Published October 29th 2013

Case Study: Optimizing Marketing Campaigns at mycleveragency

Brandwatch has a rich history of working with agencies: they’re our best buds.

We recently published case studies demonstrating our great partnerships working with renowned PR agency Waggener Edstrom and digital agency Beyond.

The agency market is a fierce one and staying ahead of your competitors is key for winning new business.

When mycleveragency, a global social media agency with offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Vancouver, were looking to improve business results they knew investing in the right social monitoring platform was key to their success.

The agency had three critical goals;

  • Get an earlier jump on sales leads
  • Improve the agency’s pitch success rate
  • Obtain more sales leads and conversions during client campaigns

To reach these goals mycleveragency knew they’d need to delve into a whole lot of data. Well it’s a good job here at Brandwatch we LOVE data and crawl millions of social media sources every day, collecting, cleaning and analysing the stuff.


“We wanted to slice and dice data from as many sites as possible with complex queries that uncover the real golden nuggets that inform client strategies.” said Tim Grimes, Strategy Manager at mycleveragency.

After reviewing several SMM vendors, mycleveragency chose Brandwatch (good choice guys). “With the quick-hit reporting and charts, Brandwatch moves us to the forefront of social media monitoring with ease” said Grimes.

mycleveragency, much like many of our clients soon started to see results.

Download the case study in full here.

Six High Value Uses and Benefits of Brandwatch



Understanding and responding to consumers

Using the complex and refined search capabilities of Brandwatch Analytics mycleveragency was able to monitor all relevant social data from one place. This enabled the agency to engage with their clients customers and minimise the risk of any potentially damaging issues escalating.

mcaBObtaining significant trends

mycleveragency monitors trends across their clients industries using Brandwatch’s access to over 70 million sources in 25+ languages. Using the many keyword searches and language filters mycleveragency was able unearth meaningful conversations which the agency used to create their                              own data pieces and cutting edge articles.

mcaCCapturing conversations to gauge campaign success

The Brandwatch dashboards allowed mycleveragency to compare online conversations with trend data to gauge how a community has reacted to a campaign


mcaDHelping prospects and clients to visualize results

mycleveragency used the custom reporting from within Brandwatch to produce its own inhouse data visualizations. “When it comes to engaging prospects, we can blow their socks off with Brandwatch-driven custom reports” said Grimes.

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mcaETransforming mycleveragency into a sales machine

Using the platform to identify possible leads the agency then monitored how that brand is being perceived online. “We’ve won quite a few deals by walking into a first meeting with a brand and knowing more about their audience than they do,” said Grimes.


mcaFEvolving marketing into ‘real-time marketing’

Being able to report and track campaign success has enabled mycleveragency to deliver the right content to the right user and the optimal stage of the consumer lifecycle.


The versatility of the Brandwatch Analytics platform has provided mycleveragency with the agility it needed to improve its own business as well as the marketing campaign performance of its clients.

To find out more you can download the case study here.

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