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Published June 4th 2013

Case Study: How the MPAA tracked the Social Oscars

As you may remember, last year we at Brandwatch produced a stunning data visualisation around the Academy Awards, in partnership with The Credits.

We used the social data we collected to predict 15 out of 18 award winners correctly and garnered much press and media coverage for the project.

In our latest case study, we explore the key benefits and results of such a project, and why the The Credits, managed by the MPAA, chose to partner with us.

Read the full case study here.

The project proved the power of social data; whilst one needs to be wary of making predictions based on one data set, careful and in-depth analysis of social data can give real insights into the thoughts and opinions of people across the globe.

Our Oscars analysis was done in partnership with The Credits – an innovative digital magazine about film and television, sponsored by the Motion Picture Association of America, who wanted to create a campaign around awards season in order to reach new fans.

The challenge was to do something – amongst a background of lots of other Oscars content around on the web – to capture fans’ imaginations and drive new traffic to

“We know we have something pretty special here when it comes to immersing fans into the stories behind the story telling,” says Khalid El Khatib, senior director at The Credits. “We had to get creative and produce something engaging that would help people make sense of the Oscars buzz on social media.”

So the MPAA, who had been using Brandwatch for some time, decided to team up with Brandwatch to create an interactive data visualisation that collected opinion about nominees from both critics and influencers in the industry, and from the general public.

The Credits saw some huge benefits from the project, with both Brandwatch and The Credits being immersed in press, radio and TV interviews about the analysis in the weeks preceding and following the Awards. The project resulted in a range of other measurable results for The Credits, including an increase in coverage and site visitors.

You can find out more how they benefited from the project in our case study, which outlines the objectives of the project and meausrable results The Credits achieved through partnering with Brandwatch.

Read the full case study here.

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