Interview: Agility, Innovation and Using Social Data at L’Oreal

L’Oréal is the world leader in the beauty industry. With 32 brands in 130 countries, it covers the whole cosmetics sector, from lipsticks to perfumes and dermatology. Organized into four divisions – consumer products, luxury products, professional products and active … Read more

Interview By Mélanie Corolleur on March 23rd 2017

Message in a Bottle: Exploring What Happens When We’re Gone

Ensuring our ideas outlive us is a serious problem in the digital age. Not so long ago, we recorded our experiences on stone. We might be killed in a horrible hunting accident, but the stone went on telling our story … Read more

Commentary By Leila Johnston on March 22nd 2017

On Market Research Today, and The Corporate Research Reports That Matter

It goes without saying that market research is crucial to the success of leading businesses and industries. But market researchers must keep up with the latest research on their own industry, and the recent release of GreenBook and Quirk’s annual … Read more

Commentary: The Importance of Making Data Beautiful

Close your eyes and envision data. What do you see? Are there numbers? Spreadsheets and tables? Graphs and pie charts? Or maybe just a bunch of 1’s and 0’s? Now consider the emotions those images evoke – how does data … Read more

Commentary By James Lovejoy on March 20th 2017

How to Use Social Intelligence for Every Stage of UX Research

The term user experience (UX) refers to every step of how a person interacts with a service or product. This can include factors like how easy someone finds an app’s interface, to the feelings evoked when looking at a logo. … Read more

Marketing By Alex Jones on March 17th 2017

Amy Collins on Data: AsiaPac News Coverage and Data Partnerships Roadmap

As you know, this blog series is to increase transparency about the ongoing work we’re doing in the Data team within Brandwatch. It’s not meant to act as big, glossy marketing, more to be the word on the ground as … Read more

Product By Amy Collins on March 16th 2017

Diversity, Inclusion, and the Pro Hijab: Social Media Reflects Nike’s Social Conscience

Let’s talk about Nike. Yes, THE Nike. The brand that is so big and powerful that it will neither suffer from this post if it were critical, nor prosper from it if it were praise. However, if I had to … Read more

Research By Kellan Terry on March 16th 2017

Brandwatch, Now Faster Than Ever

When asked what his dream product would do, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak answered: “give me more time”. He didn’t want to live forever. Instead, he wanted to decrease the amount of time he spent doing non-critical tasks. You’re probably thinking … Read more

Product By Phillip Agnew on March 15th 2017

On Proving the Credibility of Social Intelligence

The research industry is changing. Traditionally research was based on statistics, surveys and focus groups. With the introduction of social intelligence there is now another dataset added to the mix. However, this has raised some concerns for analysts. Is the … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Are Your Most Valuable Qualitative Research Asset

Unfortunately, many companies undervalue their sales professionals. Sales teams are conducting qualitative research all the time. Talking to them is perhaps the lowest cost qualitative research project you could possibly do. It’s also your best chance to achieve a strong sales … Read more

Research By Sean Campbell on March 9th 2017

FinTech, Blockchain, and How Financial Institutions Can Capitalize on Disruption

By now, we’ve all probably heard of the elusive “bitcoins” and other digital currencies that were meant to completely revolutionize our monetary transactions forever. Maybe, we’ve even also had someone close to us explain how the “blockchains” that underpin these currencies worked. … Read more

Research By Alex Jones on March 8th 2017

Leila Johnston on the Beauty of Bots: Taking a Look at The Many Faces of A.I

Anyone harbouring serious worries about a machine intelligence enslaving us all in paperclip sky-prisons within the next 10 years needs to take a look at SeeBotsChat. Chances are you’ve already heard about the adorably dada livestream from early January, in … Read more

Commentary By Leila Johnston on March 7th 2017

How to Discover Hidden Value in Your Customer Journey

The world of business and customer service has changed immensely over the past few years. Whereas once business was largely driven by outbound marketing and advertising, in today’s world you have to consider the customer experience and your customers’ journey … Read more