Interview: Brian Suda on Creating Beautiful Data Visualizations

A data visualization, when done well, can be an incredibly powerful way to communicate information. We talked to master informatician and author of A Practical Guide to Designing with Data, Brian Suda to learn about his take on designing data visualizations … Read more

Marketing By Ruxandra Mindruta on February 22nd 2017

Predictions, Crisis Management and…Matchmaking? The True Capabilities of Social Intelligence

This may seem like a bold statement for us to make, but here we go. Social intelligence can’t tell you everything. It has limitations and flaws, like any product, and we aren’t afraid to tackle these limitations head-on. At our recent … Read more

Marketing By Chelsea Varney on February 21st 2017

Can You Solve Tomorrow’s Problems With Historical Data?

For the first time, collecting a full history of (online) consumers’ conversations is now possible. As any marketer reading this will know, this data can provide huge value and ultimately help businesses make smarter decisions. That’s why we built Unlimited Historical … Read more

Product By Phillip Agnew on February 17th 2017

Amy Collins on Data: Seven Questions Answered About Brandwatch Instagram Data

In my last blog, I wrote about our big focus in Quarter 1 of 2017, AsiaPac data coverage. I didn’t talk about our other major stream of work: improvements to our in-house crawling technologies. Our Data Crawling team own all … Read more

Product By Amy Collins on February 16th 2017

Campaign Tracking Tips and Tricks in Brandwatch Analytics

With the new Campaign Tracking Wizard, it’s never been simpler to keep track of your performance and boost the effectiveness of your ongoing campaigns. Planning the creative content for your social media campaign is likely to be the first thing … Read more

Product By Nick Taylor on February 16th 2017

Making Senses: Humans as Cyborgs

What comes to mind when I say ‘cyborg’? Not the most comforting image, is it? I could give you a ‘cyborg Andrex puppy’ to play with, but you’d never be able to get past the possibility of a concealed laser … Read more

Commentary By Leila Johnston on February 15th 2017

A Story of Tesla and Historical Data: Elevate Your Competitor Intelligence

In the last 15 years, 52% of the Fortune 500 have disappeared. The age of the consumer, democratization of information and speed of communication has allowed startups to move fast, disrupt markets and bring down colossal brands that ruled entire … Read more

Research By Phillip Agnew on February 14th 2017

Big Data and Research Data: A Perfect Marriage?

This summer, my partner and I are tying the knot, and among all the advice we’ve received – both solicited and, er, otherwise – one thing that’s stood out for me is that a great marriage should be more than … Read more

Using Historical Data: Create Disruptive Products

For the modern company, fast product development is required to meet consumer needs and keep up with agile competitors. However, uncovering the product features customers desperately want can be a slow and painstaking process. Let’s say you work for a male … Read more

Product By Phillip Agnew on February 9th 2017

Opinion: B2B Marketers, Don’t Be Desperate When it Comes to Social Media

With organic reach in decline, marketers can sometimes be grasping for ways to increase engagement through social media. A test by Marketing Land showed that including emoji in tweets increased engagement by 25.4%. BuzzSumo, meanwhile, has recommended that brands should … Read more

Marketing By Peter Morgan on February 6th 2017

Leila Johnston: On Exploring Fictional Data in the Real World

I’ve been listening to The Archers for three minutes, and there’s already been a Chekhov’s Cow. It’s a show of hidden depths, that’s for sure, but I’m only now appreciating the important work the UK’s favourite agri-soap does, harvesting and bundling … Read more

Opinion By Leila Johnston on February 2nd 2017

Case Study: How Bimbo Turned a Crisis into a Business Opportunity

Who doesn’t love cake? We L-O-V-E cake at Brandwatch. Bimbo is a leader in the baking industry and well known for its leading brands, innovative products, freshness and quality. Partnering with Bimbo is a relationship we cherish and value immensely. … Read more

Case Study By Hannah Tregear on February 2nd 2017

Report: Three Data-driven Directions Shaping Consumer Electronics

You’d think we think we’d run out of things to talk about when it comes to consumer insights. But alas, with millions of people discussing, sharing, and posting information online every day, there will always be insights we have yet … Read more

Consumer Insights By Alex Jones on February 1st 2017