Tech Spotlight: From AI to AR, Emerging Tech Will Transform How We Collaborate

Collaboration is more than a buzzword. It’s at the heart of successful business—and never more so than right now, as expertise evolves and disciplines merge into each other. The future of work is arriving, and research predicts it “will be … Read more

Commentary By Natalie Holmes on May 26th 2017

Evolving Your Events Strategy With Your Business Growth

Since joining Brandwatch in the Spring of 2013 as the Events Coordinator for EMEA,  I’ve seen a lot of changes take place. The social intelligence industry has evolved rapidly, and alongside that so has our business strategy. These changes impact every part … Read more

Marketing By Chelsea Varney on May 25th 2017

Commentary: The Loving (But Deadly) Kiss of Radically Flatter Management

Observing, and advising, businesses at close hand that are operating radically flatter management models can be like lifting the curtain in the glorious palace in the Emerald City – and revealing the sweating and jumpy Wizard Oz. Often these businesses … Read more

Commentary By Jono Marcus on May 24th 2017

Interview: The Co-op on Using Social Listening to Influence Decision Making.

As Customer Marketing Manager here at Brandwatch, I love nothing more than talking to our customers. I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days earlier this month with over 300 of our customers at our Now You Know … Read more

Interview By Hannah Tregear on May 23rd 2017

Chris Owen: Innovation Absolutely Needs to Start at the Top

Earlier this month saw the inaugural M&C Saatchi PR Curry Club – a laid-back meeting of (I’d hope) bright minds to chew the cud on a variety of topics, including AI – this month’s proposed theme, autonomous cars, and crowdfunding. … Read more

Commentary By Chris Owen on May 22nd 2017

Analyzing the Bigger Picture: Why You Can’t Deliver Insight Without Action Steps

I’ve noticed marketers have been recently preoccupied (and rightfully so) with the challenge of freeing data and insights from isolation within certain teams. Disseminating useful insights far and wide in a business makes perfect sense, and the consumer insights team … Read more

The Commoditization of Customer Experience: How CX Became a Top Business Priority

We all know what bad customer experience feels like. Bad experiences stick with us. They frustrate us and leave a lasting negative impression of the brand involved. They build up over time and cause us to switch to competitors. Organizations … Read more

How to Get on the Front Page of Reddit

Reddit is a notoriously difficult platform for marketers to find success on. If you go in with a megaphone you will be humbled very quickly, but if you ignore the platform all together you’re missing out on a hugely engaged audience … Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on May 17th 2017

Speed to Insights: New Features and Products Making Your Life Easier

It’s 10am. “Sorry to do this to you, Carly, but we have a pitch for this big brand owner at 2pm. Can you pull something together?  Have a look on social media and see what you can find out.” As … Read more

Product By Mark Rogers on May 17th 2017

The GDPR: 5 Questions Data-Driven Companies Should Ask to Manage Risks and Reputation

Data is rapidly becoming the lifeblood of the global economy. In the world of Big Data and artificial intelligence, data represents a new type of economic asset that can offer companies a decisive competitive advantage, as well as damage the … Read more

Five Things Marketers Need To Know About Reddit

It’s the 9th most popular website in the world, gets billions of page views each month, and there are millions of comments and posts each day. Yet, Reddit continues to be one of the most misunderstood platforms for marketers. As … Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on May 10th 2017

NYK Denver Live: Day Two

Hello and welcome to day two of the Now You Know Conference, Denver! Yesterday’s liveblog is right here, so make sure you catch up on the happenings, and follow along on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #NYKConf. Latest updates will … Read more

Community By Natalie Meehan on May 9th 2017

NYK Denver Live: Day One

Hello and welcome to day one of the Now You Know Conference, Denver! If you’ve followed along before for the Europe and Chicago conferences you’ll know the drill – I caffeinate myself to an almost dangerous level and type really … Read more

Community By Natalie Meehan on May 8th 2017