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Social Listening and the Fashion Industry: What’s the ROI?

Fashion is a topic that never goes out of trend on social, and there’s so much to be learned from what’s being said and by who. There’s no doubt that social media provides a wealth of opportunities for fashion brands … Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on September 22nd 2017

Customer Story: How Wargaming Weaves the Voice of the Player into its Strategies

Confession: I am not a gamer, aside from one summer circa 1998 when I played Crash Bandicoot on my friend’s 14 inch portable TV screen for 7 days straight. Another confession: I wasn’t very good. That friend, Sadie, is now … Read more

The Top Ten Most Influential MPs on Twitter

Being a Member of Parliament is no easy job. Tough decisions, long hours, and millions of constituents. While the cheap drinks in the Strangers bar might lessen the blow a bit, no one could argue being an MP is a … Read more

Influencers By Joshua Boyd on September 21st 2017

Customer Story: Co-op’s Support of the #ReverseAdvent Campaign

Last year, Co-op supported the #ReverseAdvent trend over the Christmas holiday period on social media. The trend saw the public saving one item – usually an item of food – each day of Advent, and then, on Christmas Eve, they’d … Read more

Brands By Jordan McDowell on September 20th 2017

6 Essential Market Research Lessons For Marketing

Enthusiastic praise, frequent boosts in industry publications, social engagement and shares…By these measures, our marketing at Cascade Insights was, well, awesome. Especially seeing as we have a pretty niche focus: market research for B2B software companies. But, as we’ve said … Read more

The Top 10 Most Influential Food Bloggers on Twitter

Running a food blog might sound like a nice idea, but creating a successful one takes hard work, dedication, personality and excellent presentation. That’s why while thousands of food blogs exist, only a few of the most influential food bloggers … Read more

Influencers By Gemma Joyce on September 15th 2017

Competitive Benchmarking: What It Is and How To Do It

Competitive benchmarking is the process of comparing your company against a number of competitors using a set collection of metrics. This is used to measure the performance of a company and compare it to others over time. This will often … Read more

Marketing By Joshua Boyd on September 14th 2017

Employees Are More Than Workers; They’re Your Best Untapped Storytellers

When our CMO Will McInnes bestowed upon me the title of “quintessential Brandwatch employee advocate,” I puffed up with pride. “Who, me?!” I thought. Then I continued my one-sided discussion with myself with, “of course me, you big Brandwatch cheerleader, … Read more

Marketing By Dinah Alobeid on September 13th 2017

Consumer Trends in the Auto Industry: Disruption, Millennials and Changing Buying Behavior

It’s no surprise to state that the car market is fiercely competitive. In 2016, 44 automotive brands were offering nearly 400 different model types to UK consumers. Keeping up with consumer expectations in an increasingly crowded market is difficult, especially … Read more

What Is Dark Social, and How Can You Track It?

Dark social traffic is traffic that comes from private social channels, such as email and messenger apps. Analytics tools are therefore unable to track their true origin, often classifying it as ‘direct’ traffic instead. That’s obviously a problem. The more … Read more

Marketing By Joshua Boyd on September 8th 2017

Do People Still Care About The NHS? We Used Social Data To Find Out

The NHS is a giant healthcare system. Despite being based and used only in the U.K, it is the 5th biggest employer in the world with 1.7 million employees. Funded solely by British citizens, the NHS has a huge expenditure … Read more

Topic Analysis By Becky Jones on September 5th 2017

Interview: Talking Customer Data, Roadblocks and Career Advice with Meagen Eisenberg

In the latest in our series of blog interviews with thought leaders in the marketing world, we were delighted to talk to Meagen Eisenberg, CMO for MongoDB. Meagen has spent over 20 years working in the high-tech industry, and she … Read more

Interview By Ruxandra Mindruta on August 31st 2017

Going Viral: PR Is Not the Same As Publicity

You may well have seen ‘Should You Date Nate’ when it first went viral. When a narcissistic looking (and sounding) self-motivator effectively put his CV online in a bid to track down the woman of his dreams – one who … Read more

Commentary By Chris Owen on August 30th 2017