Announcement: We’ve Redesigned the Vizia Platform With You in Mind

Today is an exciting day at Brandwatch HQ, as we just released a brand-new version of our Vizia platform. Vizia, as we like to say, is a data visualization platform designed to bring social and marketing insights to life. In other words, it’s the best way of showcasing and distributing your insights, in a way […] Read more

Announcement By Emma Shanahan on February 20th 2018

Amy Collins on Data: Introducing Premium Sina Weibo Data Bundles

Following on from last week’s Facebook announcements, I’ve got another new data product to launch: Sina Weibo. Overview: Sina Weibo For the uninitiated, Sina Weibo is a huge Chinese social network. Weibo simply means “microblog” – so it’s closest western equivalent is probably Twitter:  503 million registered users (71% of total Chinese internet population) 340 […] Read more

Product By Amy Collins on December 13th 2017

Introducing: Vizia + Buzzsumo Trending Now

If an opportunity presents itself, you grasp it. Right? When BuzzSumo joined the Brandwatch family there was a lot of excitement and general fawning over how impressive the Buzzsumo platform was. But once the dust settled the Vizia team said to themselves, wouldn’t it be great to take some of BuzzSumo’s content expertise and bring […] Read more

Product By Emma Shanahan on December 12th 2017

Amy Collins on Data: 5 Exciting Announcements about our Facebook Data

Facebook data remains the most coveted data amongst our customer base and speaking to many of you, your thirst for it is unquenchable. In today’s Data Blog, I have a number of really exciting innovations to share on our Facebook data coverage. You may remember that I wrote a blog talking about how Facebook data […] Read more

Product By Amy Collins on November 29th 2017

Groupon, Eurostar, Fitbit: We’ve Found the Best Consumer Insights Roles for You

Being lucky enough to have unfettered access to Brandwatch Analytics, we try to keep ourselves busy using it for the good of you guys In the outside world. Having recently spent more time delving into the always interesting world of consumer market insights, we’ve been using Brandwatch Analytics to uncover and select the best roles […] Read more

More Tabs, Please #1: Robots, Dead Poets, and Bugs

Welcome to More Tabs, Please. This is Brandwatch’s new series where we collate a bunch of recommended content we think you should see. We’ll be suggesting stuff every week (even if it’s not from this week), including articles, podcasts, artists, designers,  music and whatever else. Any topic is fair game. Our customers are a diverse […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on November 16th 2017

New Study: Mental Health in the UK

Here at Brandwatch we have a powerful tool for measuring online discourse and a world-class team of social researchers. We’ve put these two assets to use in a new study on mental health in the UK, focused on challenging stigma and tackling barriers to treatment. We partnered with charity Ditch The Label to understand mental […] Read more

Research By Edward Crook on October 26th 2017

We’ve Got Some Big News: BuzzSumo is Joining the Brandwatch Family

One of the trends of the last few years has been the growth of content marketing as a core discipline in the marketing organisation. This has been driven in part by how much we use social networks to share stories with our friends and followers. We’ve been tracking this trend and looking at the products […] Read more

Announcement By Giles Palmer on October 10th 2017

Announcement: Brandwatch Vizia 2 + Hootsuite Impact

Does social media engagement actually matter? Is it all 
a vanity exercise? Ultimately, engagement spreads your content further, rippling out through natural networks, and should help attract new customers. But how can you be assured your marketing spend on paid and owned media is generating a return? The demands to prove the value of social […] Read more

Announcement By Nicci McKenzie on October 10th 2017

Take Control of your Social Advertising: Brandwatch Audiences is now Integrated with Twitter Ads

Brandwatch Audiences lets you instantly search a live database of over 320m Twitter users. Now you can upload any list to Twitter Ads as a tailored audience at the click of a button to deliver highly-targeted paid campaigns to the right people. Sign up for our webinar with Twitter on October 19th to learn more […] Read more

Announcement By Nick Taylor on October 3rd 2017

Five Reasons Why You Need to Be at Now You Know Europe

This October, hundreds of Brandwatch users, partners and friends will come to London for our annual Now You Know™ Conference. It’s going to be one of the biggest social intelligence gatherings of 2017. I’m here to make sure you don’t miss out. You may be thinking, “not another tech conference”, and you might be right – our […] Read more

Introducing: Brandwatch’s Social Intelligence Maturity Model

We’re on to something exciting here. For us at Brandwatch, it has been tremendous to see how the role of social within businesses has evolved over the past decade. It seems only yesterday that businesses typically had one community manager, and if any “social media analyses” were done, it meant counting hashtags and Likes. Back […] Read more

Marketing By Alex Jones on September 7th 2017

Introducing Audience Benchmark Reports. Show How Well You Know Your Customers

With the largest influencer database of its kind, Audiences is the fastest way to discover the people that matter to you. Now you can understand who those people are and, more importantly, what makes them different. A successful social business knows how to speak directly to their customers. But how do you keep things personal […] Read more

Product By Nick Taylor on July 18th 2017