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Published June 10th 2014

Celebrity Steps: Whose Should You Follow In?

Celebrity Steps. If you're in the public eye, you're all set up to market yourself worldwide via the internet - whether you like it or not.

If you’re in the public eye, you’re all set up to market yourself worldwide via the internet — whether you like it or not.

What you do and say online can have real-life consequences.

That can be good, and it can be bad.

We see it all the time in the lives of celebrities.

Whether they’re blurting things out during televised interviews or carelessly Tweeting, so many celebs are teaching lessons every day that regular people and businesses should be learning from.

Know that Image is Everything


Online and real-life behavior can go viral via every social media outlet imaginable — and if it’s a negative, the backlash can cripple a career.

Some people can get away with being themselves, and some people need a PR professional shadowing them for constant consultation.

What lessons should you take from recent fiascos that made headlines? Let’s look at James Franco’s April embarrassment on Instagram.

Franco is now the poster child for what-not-to-do due to his now-famous attempt to pick up a 17-year-old on Instagram. It all happened when a Scottish teenage girl snapped a shot of him in NYC during a visit with her mother, and she tagged later him on Instagram.

Franco then private messaged her, and this is where he failed.


Screenshots of the messages were leaked, and it was soon revealed to the world that she was underage, and that he offered to get a hotel room near hers.

What started as flirtation ended in a bust: the world now views Franco as a predator, and that can’t be good for getting scripts.

Whether you’re a movie star or a CEO, seemingly harmless actions can have huge repercussions.

Behaving foolishly can almost always be documented these days, and your career could go kaput faster than you can type a Tweet.

Connect with Your Audience


Whether you’re posting a video or photo featuring yourself on your website or acknowledging specific audience members on Twitter, it’s important to show the public that you’re a real person and not just a name.

Jennifer Lawrence has taken Hollywood by storm as America’s latest sweetheart, mainly due to her ability to relate to everyday people.

She falls down on red carpets, but she emerges from the ground with grace. She drops stuff and does interviews after too-much champagne, however, she gets a laugh or ten from it all, too.


She speaks off-the-cuff in public but in doing so, says things so real that her fan base spreads even further.

Showing a not-so-serious side doesn’t always have to mean doomsday.

Compose a blog post about office-wide April Fool’s pranks. Write a personal note in corporate tweets, and tell a joke while you’re at it. Post a simple video on the company site doing something job-related.

The point is to show a personable side your audience will relate to and maybe even love. If you fall, get up and get some laughs.

Get the Attention of Influencers


I recently noticed a piece online about a Tweetstorm involving Sarah Jessica Parker, in which a random girl chimed in her support.

The girl was shocked when Parker actually responded to her, who is apparently a writer and comedian with a now 12,000-strong Twitter following. Talk about lucky gals.

These situations happen a lot: Justin Bieber tweets a music recommendation, and that artist blows up. Bill Murray wears a tie by a small indie designer, and that business is no longer a small one. It really does come down to who you know, or who notices you.


Maybe a retweet from Justin Bieber isn’t exactly what you need, but understanding which influencers could boost your business is certainly worth knowing.

Whether you try to cozy up to these VIPs on Twitter or write a guest post on their blog, a nod from someone with a big following could really raise your profile.

Make Your Mark with a Twist


Back to the Franco scandal.

I should close by informing you that the Instagram scenario is rumored to be a hoax, all to promote Palo Alto, a film starring Franco and Emma Roberts.

The trailer, which debuted right after the messages went viral, reveals a storyline involving a relationship between Franco, a teacher, and an underage student, Roberts.


If this is the case, then maybe Franco’s belated April Fool’s joke should be applauded. Perhaps this possible hoax is risky, but it certainly has the public’s attention.

Palo Alto could have gone largely unnoticed, but thanks to countless news outlets who reported Franco’s infamous flirtations, the film title is now one to remember.

Don’t assume that it’s all been done before. Think outside the box, and try to make your mark with a twist.

Which other celebrity scenarios have you learned a professional lesson from?

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