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Published September 16th 2014

Clever Business Card Ideas to Help You Stand Out

Business cards have been around for many years and even with the newest digital technology applications and ..

Business cards have been around for many years and even with the newest digital technology applications and innovations, handing out or exchanging cards is still a standard business practice.

Since everyone passes out business cards, how do you make yours stand out and be memorable?

There are different ways to make your business cards stand out from the norm. Depending on your industry and your company culture, you can take the design to different extremes.

Different Business Card Designs


If your business lends itself to and allows for something really different, then use these cleverly different business card designs from ViralNova for inspiration.

Yoga Mat Business Card: This is made of similar material to a yoga mat so it helps clients remember you and your classes.


Salt Shaker Business Card: Although not practical to carry salt around in your wallet, this card still reminds customers of your spice and flavor.


Bike Shop Business Card: This card doubles as a tool to fix your bicycle.


Carpenter or Furniture Store Business Card: This clever card assembles into a chair.

image 4

Frame Shop, Art Gallery, Painter, or Photographer’s Business Card: The picture frame is a perfect representation for any of these types of businesses.

image 5

Gardener, Lawn Maintenance, or Florist Business Card: This card doubles as a seed packet so it is very useful.

image 6

Cheese Shop, Specialty Store, or Restaurant Business Card: This business card is an actual cheese grater. It is useful and will certainly keep your cheese related business top of mind with customers.


Choose Paper, Size, Shape, and Color Carefully


Your business cards can stand out not just in how they are designed, but how they are made and what shape they are. You can choose different textured papers, embossed print, bright colors, use colored print, or change the shape like the examples below.

Taking that idea to the extreme, a bakery can have cookie cards, or a yoga instructor can use a stretchy material instead of paper to illustrate how limber they help clients get. Just about everyone’s card is the regular rectangle shape.

If you opt to choose business cards that don’t conform to that size and shape, your card will certainly stand out in the bunch.

However, you run the risk of it not fitting in someone’s wallet. Some good Mashable examples :

Square Business Cards:


Unique Shape Cards: Bookmarks:


Unique Shaped Business Cards: Logo Shaped


Mini Cards: These also sport a different design on each card giving the feel like they are collectibles.


Circle Cards:


Get Creative with What You Say


Many businesses just may not lend themselves to an oddly shaped card or an oddly unique card. However, you can still stand out with a regular shaped business card by following some of these excellent ideas:

  • Structure your goal with a goal or purpose.
  • Instead of black print and regular font, choose a brighter color that matches your brand and a different font that stands out. Just be sure that a unique font is readable when it is in print.
  • Add your picture.
  • Add a favorite quote.
  • Include a call to action.
  • Use the back.
  • Don’t include everything. A business card is only so big; you don’t need to include everything on it. QR codes and links are always available for more details.



Business cards are a necessary part of making professional connections and promoting yourself, your company, and your brand.

Since they are so important, be sure to spend some time and effort creating them.

In addition to proof reading them for accuracy, critique them as your would anything else you produce to ensure that it gets the point of your business across.

We hope these tips and ideas have inspired you to create cards that are successful and accurately represent you and your business.

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