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Published February 29th 2012

Conversation: Making Tax Services Fun Using Social Media

This article is about a series of conversations sponsored by Brandwatch, covering all facets of social media. To see a full list of the conversations that have taken place, click here for our archive.

To listen to the conversation in full, click here

There’s nothing quite like talking about your ideas when you’ve got the proof to back them up.

An agency called 22squared has put their money where their mouth is, and shown how their approaches to social marketing have worked while marketing an American tax service company called Jackson Hewitt.

Neil Glassman of WhizBangPowWow took the time to speak to both companies involved as part of his conversations series that Brandwatch are sponsoring.

He chats with David Koroghlian, Director of Interactive and Social Media at Jackson Hewitt, and Chris Tuff, SVP/Director of Earned and Emerging Media at 22squared to discover how the companies succeeded with their campaign.

It all began with a blank-paper approach from 22sqaured, where it was decided between the parties which sites to prioritise. By planning everything at once and aligning the strategy across all the platforms, the business had a clear and unified voice with which to broadcast the message.

By planning and coordinating everything in this way, 22squared were able to generate multi-layered impressions, by which consumers were exposed to the message in targeted ways across more than one medium.

22squared’s plan was indeed robust, yet wasn’t so rigid that it didn’t allow room for modifications. After realising that a TV spot set Twitter ablaze with discussion, the agency adjusted their platform activity to recognise Twitter as a central medium alongside the previously-preferred Facebook.

By setting out a detailed strategy for posting content, even simply status updates, 22agency was able to shatter the targets (double Facebook fans, for example) tenfold.

Not only did the company generate an additional 120,000 Facebook fans on top their existing 6,000, but the activity on the site was more tailored to engaging with the consumer base.

Whereas before Jackson Hewitt might only get one or two comments and likes, it now gets hundreds.

By making tax more fun, namely through the ‘digital dance-off’ campaign that the companies ran, it allowed a way for consumers to more directly engage with the brand through something only tangentially related, but interesting, to interact with.

To hear more about this, and other fascinating insights into how the companies collaborated on this campaign, you can listen to the conversation here.

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