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By Joel Windels on March 6th 2012

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How annoying would it be if you had to pay for your food at the end of each aisle next time you’re in the supermarket? It’s a real wonder why we put up with having to constantly enter our details across dozens of different sites on the web.

Christmas shopping online would certainly be a lot easier if you simply paid for the whole lot at the end rather than once for each site you buy something from.

Alex Adelman came up with the idea to create a Cosmic Cart, which is unique in both its technology and its business model. He’s not just a nobody either: Alex received a $50,000 vote of confidence from Intel’s ‘Innovators’ scheme, a Facebook competition that awards 18-24 year olds with cash to fund their ideas.

Neil Glassman of Whizbangpowwow took the opportunity to sit down and chat with Alex and how the Cosmic Cart works.

The cart is designed so that any website or business, no matter how small or large, can use a single shopping cart to make all of their purchases.

The basics of the cart function on a tagging technology, which allows anything online to be tagged, from videos of TV shows to images of homes, meaning products seen in those media can then be added to your cosmic cart. Intel said that 90% of all online traffic is from video (whatever that means), a consideration Alex took to heart when developing the cart.

Stemming from an idea Alex had whilst at university, the freemarket platform is free to implement for companies on their websites and monetising will come later in the business plan.

Alex discusses his thoughts on traditional advertising and novel ways to supersede it, as well as the importance of a slick user interface and granting access to the API.

To hear all about what Neil and Alex discussed, you can click here to listen to their conversation.

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