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Published August 14th 2013

The Question on Everyone’s Lips: Cornetto or Magnum?

This Summer has been one to remember, at least in England, as the UK experienced a much-appreciated heatwave throughout July. We love this hot weather and have already analysed what Brits have been chatting about during the recent dry spell.

BBQs topped the list at the time, but we wanted to do a bit more research into a refreshing summer treat: the ice cream.

We have chosen to look at two of the country’s favourites treats, the Magnum and the Cornetto. During our research we discovered some interesting similarities surrounding the two products and an unexpected (strawberry) swirl in the Cornetto data.

Ice Cream Tweets

Most conversations about the treats occurred on Twitter, with both ice creams receiving 94% of mentions on the microblogging network. Amazingly, both brands cultivated almost the same volume of conversation too.


Hashtags relating to the products were also overwhelmingly similar, with both having their names as the most tweeted hashtag and #icecream being the second most tweeted.

When diving deeper into the data we found that online conversations surrounding Magnum focused predominantly on the notion of time, with many tweeters stating that it was “time for a Magnum”.

Flavours were also omnipresent in discussions, with white chocolate and almond being the most popular among tweeters.

cornetto vs magnum
However, it seems that people experienced troubles in deciding between the ice cream brands, as lots of people took to Twitter to ask their followers which of the two they should choose.

This generated some fascinating conversation about the ice creams, with plenty of tweeters stating that they would simply have both!

Cornetto Trilogy

The discussion surrounding Cornettos experienced a dramatic peak during the start of Summer due to a tweet sent by the director Edgar Wright.

The tweet, which related to Wright’s film The World’s End, was greeted with a vast amount of positivity with film fans eagerly awaiting the final instalment of the Cornetto trilogy. It was retweeted 593 times and a favourite for 379 users.

The film, which has now been released, follows two other box office hits Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz both of which feature an appearance from the a different flavoured Cornetto.

The power of celebrity is often a factor in the increase of discussion surrounding a topic. We have previously found an example of this with One Direction and Comic Relief and explored it with great depth in our report into retailers’ usage of social media.

So, as expected, the public love to tweet about ice creams! There was also nothing to split the two brands, and though sentiment often changed between the two, it seems that an off-the-cuff celebrity mention can do more to increase discussion of a brand than anything that the products can do alone.


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