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Published March 19th 2014

Using the API to Develop a Groundbreaking Healthcare Analysis Product

One of our clients, Creation Healthcare, has developed a groundbreaking healthcare analysis product using the Brandwatch API – and now you can read all about it in our new case study.

Download the case study here.

Creation Healthcare are the research and training consultancy to the healthcare industry for the digital age. The company works with and advises some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations.

Creation Healthcare knew that, like other industries, the healthcare industry had seen a significant shift towards the digital world.

Health is an increasingly popular topic for discussion online. According to a recent study, 80% of internet users, or about 93 million Americans, have searched for a health-related topic online. At the same time, professional and qualified healthcare professionals (HCPs) were discussing clinical matters online, in forums, social networks and platforms.

That’s a lot of noise from the general public; Creation Healthcare wanted the ability to isolate and listen to conversation from true HCPs.

Creation Healthcare’s CEO, Daniel Ghinn devised a revolutionary methodology, Creation Pinpoint. The advanced methodology unearths insights and analyzes the perspectives of HCPs online.

“By analyzing these insights, companies can understand what is important to professionals working in these fields. This information can then be used to inform strategic decisions on services and products which can maximize brand value and ultimately benefit the patient.” said Ghinn.

Creation Healthcare had a truly wonderful and powerful methodology in their palms. However, to really bring their product to life Creation Healthcare needed to find a social media monitoring and analytics platform that would allow them to achieve three key objectives:

  1. Understand how treatments and products are perceived by HCPs who may prescribe them every day
  2. Develop an index and network analysis service that enables identification and mapping of HCPs, based on their influence among other HCPs
  3. Investigate the volume and qualitative impact of content from every HCP with an interest in the same therapy area


This was going to be a first of its kind product – the requirements were a big ask. In order to deliver on their objectives, Creation Healthcare knew they needed to partner with a powerhouse in the social analytics space.

Creation Healthcare set three prerequisites for their ideal platform:

  • Provide access to the Twitter ‘Firehose’, so that the analyst team could draw observations and make recommendations based on a complete view of public conversations

  • Supply an Application Programming Interface (API), providing a means of integrating other Creation Healthcare tools and services to share and collate data

  • Permit a ‘whitelabel’ implementation so Creation Healthcare could develop a new brand with an emphasis on the bespoke nature of the ‘healthcare-specific’ offering

“By setting the bar high, we narrowed the field of social media monitoring platforms pretty fast,” said Ghinn.

In steps Brandwatch. Brandwatch completely satisfied Creation Healthcare’s stringent criteria and Creation Pinpoint® was born.

Clients using Creation Pinpoint are provided with access to real-time dashboards built using the Brandwatch platform, from which they can make strategic decisions about how and when they will proactively engage with key influencers. Creation Pinpoint is the most plugged-in social media database in the world.

By offering this unique service, Creation Healthcare has led many new international online market research projects, significantly increased company growth and is rapidly scaling to meet the demand from healthcare clients all over the world.

“Since first releasing Creation Pinpoint, we have gained 10 new international healthcare clients and more than US$ 1 million in new revenue,” said Ghinn. “Of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, 40 percent are now using Creation Pinpoint to understand the views of doctors, nurses and pharmacists in social media. With this new Brandwatch API, we can provide even more in-depth insights to the pharmaceutical industry.”

Brandwatch and Creation Healthcare continue to collaborate, with hopes to inspire future innovation and development in a truly unique way.

“Brandwatch’s focus on innovation combined with their focus on producing the best possible product for clients means that their goals are completely aligned with Creation Healthcare’s aims,” said Ghinn.

To read more, download the case study in full here.

Creation Healthcare are using the Brandwatch API to power their own product. Interested in doing the same? We’ve just launched our brand new API – find out more about it here.



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