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Published May 22nd 2014

Customer Retrospective Q1: The Experts’ Choice

Our Product Marketing Manager, Jasmine recently wrote this reflective piece, looking back on a very successful first quarter product-wise in 2014. She said:

‘It can be pleasurable to every now and again stop, take a breath, and look at what we’ve been achieving.’

As Customer Marketing Manager at Brandwatch, this article inspired me to do the same.

Working together


I am immensely proud of the catalogue of helpful stuff that we’ve been able to produce with our clients in recent times. We have an extensive library of use-cases and examples showcasing how Brandwatch works inside companies such as Kellogg’s, Sparkasse and The British Red Cross to achieve impressive and verifiable results.

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What results you say? Well, you can download the case studies here to find out for yourself, but here is a quick summary for you;


  • Drove incremental product sales via smarter campaign tactics
  • Uncovered useful insights and personal tastes from its customer base


  • Developed an alarm system to facilitate faster crisis responses
  • Allowed all employees to easily access and understand social media data

British Red Cross

  • Raised over £500,000 for the Hurricane Sandy Appeal
  • Organized and streamlined social media workflows across multiple departments

Pretty impressive, eh?

Is this the kind of thing you’d like to be involved in? Perhaps you could be helping us write a case study yourselves some day.

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The big boys (and girls) – Fortune Global 500 (100)


A colleague recently shared this article with me. Naturally it was irresistible to click on – who doesn’t love a ranking? Everyone does, and those who say they don’t are lying, or are probably ranking right at the bottom of some table somewhere.

This specific ranking is the annual ranking of the world’s largest corporations. The companies are ranked by total revenues for their respective fiscal years.


What struck me after scanning through the list is that Brandwatch works with over 30% of these companies. Over 30% of the world’s largest corporations have invested in Brandwatch. That is huge when you consider that less than three years ago we were 50 people working almost exclusively in a small seaside town in England.

This echoes an important message we like to honour here at Brandwatch.

Brandwatch is the experts’ choice.

Global corporations trust and value our product. We know and truly believe our platform is the best. I’m British and so I find self-congratulation deeply unpleasant and I hold modesty in the highest regard, but even I must concede that we really must be doing something right.

Bringing the customer to life


It’s a cliche, sure, but we really do value our customers and the feedback they provide us is sold gold.

That is why at the end of Q1 we formed our first ever Brandwatch Customer Advisory Board.

Who, when, why?

  • Who?

A mixed selection of nine of our global clients, three of whom feature in this ranking and who all travelled from across the planet to be with us.

  • What?

A jam-packed two day meeting, held at our Brighton HQ.

  • Why?

To deepen relationships with a selection of our influential customers (we’ll be rotating chairs!) by bringing them into the business to share experiences, learn from one another and provide feedback, which will in turn aid future development, strategy and innovation.

The meeting was a huge success. I can say that now is it over, because at times it felt like I was planning a wedding.

It was enlightening to hear, in depth, how some of our clients are using Brandwatch and to observe them sharing ideas and future plans for using Brandwatch with their peers.

Our Head of Product, Glenn White, ran through roadmap plans for Brandwatch, including some ambitious future innovation plans. The feedback our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) members gave was invaluable and will help guide the development of our product.


We plan to meet with the CAB members once a year, with regular catch up conference calls every quarter.

Sourcing the crowd


G2 Crowd is a trusted platform that allows for verified reviews of enterprise products like Brandwatch.

In March, Brandwatch were named as a high performer (the highest, in fact) in the G2Crowd social media monitoring report.


G2 Crowd verifies all its reviews through certified LinkedIn accounts, providing honest and in-depth reviews from real customers, this provides social media monitoring professionals verified peer opinions.

The G2 Crowd report also showed:

  • 97 percent of users rated Brandwatch 4 or 5 stars
  • 92 percent of customers would recommend Brandwatch to peers
  • The Brandwatch support offering was rated at 93 percent
  • In the feature comparison, Brandwatch’s social listening capabilities were rated highest, at 95 percent

At the time of the report, our CMO, Will McInnes provided this quote

“We’re thrilled our customers have ranked us highest in customer satisfaction in the G2 Crowd Social Media Monitoring Grid and report. Brands crave social media monitoring technology that can pinpoint the conversations that matter, in real time, and a company that will stand by its product and provide expert support. That’s Brandwatch.”

The G2Crowd report demonstrates how our customers, the people we really care about, rate our products and services.

If you are a Brandwatch customer and haven’t yet submitted a review on G2 Crowd, we’d love it if you did so here.

Come one, come all


Want to know more about how and why some of the world’s biggest brands, in various different sectors, are using the powerful features of Brandwatch Analytics? Take a look at our case studies and industry reports to learn more.

We are constantly adding to our content library and will soon have case studies from Monster, Moneygram and other exciting brands.

If you would like to be kept up to date and receive this type of content in the future then please click here.

If you want to join the 1,000+ brands and agencies across the world using the most innovative, agile and powerful social listening platform, please, get in touch.

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