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New Report: Consumer Trends for 2020

We bring together global survey and social data to find the biggest consumer trends in your region.

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Published August 6th 2014

Keeping Customer Satisfaction High: A Zendesk Success Story

Brandwatch has been using Zendesk for a while now, and in the past few months have we gone full force with it.

Using the power of macros, targets, triggers, and of course, insights, we’ve managed to keep our customer satisfaction rates consistently at 97%. What’s more, we’ve done it in multiple languages!

How did we do it?


Extending support hours

While our HQ is based in Brighton, our clients span across the world.

We can’t really have our team members work 15 hours a day, so we devised a set of targets and triggers that reassign all incoming and updated tickets to the next office in shift.

Our team can therefore focus on the tickets in their office views, without having to worry about tickets falling through the cracks.

¿Hablamos español? Yes, we do!

At Brandwatch we currently support three official languages – English, Spanish and German.


The truth is, however, we’re a total melting pot, with Portuguese and French soon making it to our official language list (ahem, oui, c’est vrai!).

This means it is imperative for us to delivery quality answers and information in all languages. It’s not enough that our team members speak various languages, but that we deliver answers and quality content in each one.

For this we used Zendesk’s Dynamic Content feature.

All of our macros and triggers go out based on the user’s language preference – all written by our native speakers.

Making sure each response has a personalized touch ensures that our clients don’t feel like they’re just receiving an automated message, but that we really do care.

Increased customer engagement

Not only have we made sure that our responses are personalized and available in multiple languages, but we’ve also improved our customer satisfaction emails with the same level of customization.

This has caused our engagement rates to steadily go up week after week, starting at 8% and reaching a maximum of 47%.

This means that our clients are happy – and happier to give us their feedback.

Keeping track

Thanks to Zendesk’s Insights, we have managed to keep track of all kinds of amazing stats.


We are happy to report that our current stats are through the roof, with our customer success rates at 97%, way above the industry standard of 88%.

What’s next for Brandwatch Support?

Well, we can’t really tell you as it’s a secret… but expect improved documentation, extended support hours, and a lot of special treats! Stay tuned!

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