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Published September 20th 2016

My Worst Habit is…: The Sweet, Gross and Dangerous Habits Tweeters Can’t Break

The Brandwatch React team takes a look at the data surrounding tweets about bad habits. From the gross to the adorable, read the top 15 here.

Bad habits are hard to break. That’s why we’ve written another blog post that makes us feel better about our own lives.

Not everyone likes to share their personal issues with social media, but lots of people do. From health problems to stresses, opening up on social media has become commonplace.

In fact, we recently took a look at people talking about being addicted to social media on social media.

This week the Brandwatch React team decided to see what people were sharing when it came to talking about their worst habits.


Searching for mentions of “my worst habit is” over a year, the team found nearly 600 tweets. They took the 40 characters following that search string and identified which verbs were mentioned most within them.

15 of Twitter’s worst habits

15. Mumbling

Sometimes our use of emoji might be on-point but getting the words out in person can be difficult. Try some of these semi-useful tips if you’re struggling to make yourself understood.


14. Reading

Reading is a terrible habit, or so some tweeters think. Don’t worry, we’re not heading for an epidemic of illiteracy – most of these claims related to spoiling things like YouTube videos or Netflix shows by reading the comments and descriptions.

13. Shopping

Whether it’s the result of anger, boredom or a bottle of wine, shopping has become a bad habit according to some tweeters.

12. Over-thinking

Over thinking can be horrible and can lead to all kinds of unhappy situations. It turns out Michael from 5 Seconds of Summer isn’t alone.

11. Drinking

Twitter has a drinking problem, but it’s not just with alcohol.

Energy drinks during exam season are always a bad idea, especially if you ask Will from UK hit show The Inbetweeners.


10. Leaving

Leaving things in pockets, leaving things on the floor, leaving things to the last minute…

9. Waking

We can all relate to Anna.

8. Texting

Everyone has sent a regrettable text, but that’s not what the majority of these mentions are about.

We were surprised to find a whole list of people talking about texting while driving. This is not OK, people.


7. Whistling

Treating people like dogs is not advisable.

Others said their worst habit was whistling in their sleep which is equally infuriating for their roommates.

6. Driving

We’ve already gone over texting and driving, but the driving list also incorporates taking photos.

Seriously. Not. OK.

5. Forgetting

There’s nothing more annoying than forgetting something important, and most of the tweets we found referred to forgetting something that inconvenienced them for the rest of their day.

Meanwhile Ashleigh talks about a very British habit.

4. Biting

Nail biting is the #1 issue here.


3. Eating

Diets are going out of the window as tweeters talk about their worst habit being eating to excess.

Top marks to this tweeter.

2. Picking

There are some pretty grim mentions in here, from lips to scabs to zits.

Moving swiftly on…

1. Missing

Topping the list is “missing”, tweeted by lots of tweeters with someone special who is far away.

It’s vaguely reminiscient of our discovery that the number one thing tweeters said they couldn’t live without was “you”.


What’s your worst habit?

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