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Published June 25th 2019

The Future of Brandwatch: Digital Consumer Intelligence

Industry trends in the digital era are creating new types of pressures for brands that require innovative solutions. Here's CEO Giles Palmer on our move to DCI

Consumers today are in a fantastic position.

We can buy from any company in the world and the choice is endless. We can also connect with people everywhere to help us decide what it is we’ll support, buy, boycott, or promote. It’s never been easier to find, discuss, and source exactly what we want.

For brands and agencies, this presents challenges and opportunities.

Markets are volatile, with small agile companies able to innovate and disrupt at speed. Narratives around brands and products are owned by consumers, and interactions between businesses and their customers have changed fundamentally.

Along with all these changes, the last few decades have seen an explosion in digital information about consumer opinions and behaviors. Harnessing this data to understand the people with all the power (the consumers) is crucial for any brand to be successful.

But taming the data explosion isn’t easy – it’s disparate, unstructured, and can be too vast for brands to comprehend and act on at speed.

This is where Brandwatch comes in.

With our blend of data engineering, artificial intelligence, and in-house expertise in market research and brand strategy, we are uniquely placed to help organizations bring the voice of the customer into the heart of their decision making. We do this by bringing structure and meaning to the voices of billions of consumers, and putting this power into the hands of everyone in your organization.

We call this digital consumer intelligence.

Our place in a changing world

If you’ve been following us, you’ll know that we’ve always been expanding our abilities in the world of research. Many of my most esteemed colleagues come from positions all across that space.

We’ve built out an incredible Strategy and Insights team who help our customers ask the right questions of our data and connect insight to action.

Last year, we merged with our biggest competitor, Crimson Hexagon. Their prowess in custom machine learning for understanding human conversation complements Brandwatch’s original flexible and unlimited rules-based segmentation. Our integrated product, Brandwatch Consumer Research, launches later this year and will bring together the best of both.

And, most recently, we acquired online survey company Qriously, which allows users to ask any question they like to two billion people globally.

On top of that, we have continued to innovate and iterate. We’ve created an AI assistant named Iris to help surface insights fast, we’ve developed partnerships with Twitter, Reddit, Hootsuite and other big names in our industry, and we’ve added countless integrations to our products, from Lexis Nexis through to Google Analytics.

We’re ready, right now, to help our customers take advantage of the largest ever archive of human thought, to go beyond social data, and to blend different datasets to uncover deeper, richer insights.

Digital consumer intelligence combines digital, survey, social and first-party data sources with data science and AI. This enables organizations like Unilever, Walmart, and Dell to find the signal in the noise, bring market research into the digital era, and understand consumer and market trends in real time.

So this is what we are creating at Brandwatch – a rich digital consumer intelligence suite of solutions that inform agile decision making at scale.

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