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Published April 17th 2015

Events: Helping our Clients Level-Up at Masterclass

A review of our 2015 NYC Masterclass event – where clients leveled-up their abilities with Brandwatch Analytics.

Our ‘What If’ Moment


Take a moment to reminisce on a day from your youth where you had one of those risky ‘what if…’ ideas? Maybe it was ‘what if I put a bunch of ants in a cage and made an ant farm’ or ‘what if I put all the cookies in my pockets and all the vegetables in the garbage.’

If I can recall from my childhood, while these weren’t always the most successful of endeavors, the occasional rewards (or harsh learnings) were certainly lasting.

Over the past year, we’ve been conducting an experiment of our own that started with the question: ‘what if we brought together a bunch of our customers, to teach them tips and tricks for social listening and hear about their woes and concerns in person?’ However, this particular experiment has turned into quite the success as we just completed our fourth US Masterclass this week.

Will McInnes at Masterclass

With a product like ours that has such a wide breadth of features, it can be tough to figure everything out on your own – especially with all of the other daily tasks eating away at your time. Our Masterclass aims to serve as a crash course to take you via the fast track to the top of the Brandwatch learning curve.

With new product features launching every quarter (have you heard about Signals yet?) it’s essential that users stay up to date with the app and its functionalities.

 Monitoring Brandwatch with Brandwatch


It wouldn’t be a Brandwatch event if we didn’t monitor the buzz around it. Being the data lovers we are, we of course tracked our hashtag #brandwatchtips in our very own Brandwatch Analytics and found some interesting insights.

Think software is a man’s world? Think again. Brandwatch data detected that 59% of Masterclass attendees tweeting with the hashtag #brandwatchtips were female. Flex those social thumbs ladies.


Gender Breakdown at Masterclass

Furthermore, over the course of the day, our 100 attendees contributed to over 500 mentions with a peak of 160 occurring around midday – not bad.

Timeline of Conversation Volume at Masterclass

Everyone knows that data without context or historical comparison isn’t data worth caring about. With this in mind we compared our mentions from this Masterclass to our last one in November and were reminded of how we too leveled-up our planning for this event.

A light-hearted reminder of our painfully weak wifi at our venue at the last Masterclass in November:

Masterclass Chatter
(How cool is it that our clients use boolean logic to express their complaints?)

 Top tips from Brandwatchers and Clients


Our agenda for the day was a mix of basic query writing sessions, advanced demographic insights, along with 6 client use cases highlighting how Brandwatch has helped them cut through the noise in social conversation.
Masterclass Photo

If all else fails, at least there was great swag


To show our clients our deep appreciation for them, not only did we invite them to a day full of presentations, but we gave them some pretty cool swag. All of the below fit neatly into the OR operator tote we provided upon check-in.

Brandwatch Masterclass Swag
Cool swag goes a long way in my book (my assortment of logo-ridden pens is a testament to that).

 Until Next Time


It’s all over for now, with plans for the next Masterclass in the works (I have even heard rumors of a west coast Masterclass – look out Californians). If you want to catch up on the content from last week’s Masterclass, be sure to look at our slideshare where we have posted most of them.

Due to confidentiality agreements we unfortunately can’t publish presentations and insights from certain clients, so if you’re curious to hear our clients talk you’ll have to come along to the next one!

If you’re interested in getting involved with the next masterclass, please do get in touch. Or, if you’re interested in Brandwatch in general, be sure to request a demo.

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