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Published April 9th 2019

Bringing Owned Facebook and Instagram Data to Brandwatch’s Vizia Platform

Customer data is becoming more and more imperative, so it’s important that we continue to build the best tools to make sense of it. An essential piece of the customer data puzzle is owned social and engagement data. Here's how we're building it into Vizia.

Having an understanding of your owned social performance and engagement allows you to get to know your audience better, craft more targeted messages, and grow advocacy.

Owned social has the power to positively contribute to the entire marketing funnel, from driving awareness with new groups to generating leads and referrals. What’s more, the attention deficit is affecting brands across all industries so the benefit of having a direct line with your audience should not be underestimated.

So, what’s new?

Today we’re announcing two new integrations for the Vizia platform, as well as refreshing the existing native Facebook and Instagram offerings.

Here’s what they look like:

Instagram User Insights

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know about Instagram’s popularity as both a social network and a commercial platform. Between 2014 and 2017 the platform grew 357% and as of last year there were over 25 million active business profiles. Safe to say there is an engaged and active audience on the platform that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

The good news is this Instagram data is now available in the Vizia platform at no extra cost for our customers. This means that you can track and visualize user metrics from your Instagram business account directly in Vizia. This is useful in itself for getting a real-time understanding of page performance but it’s especially useful when you think about marrying this data with the other integrations available in the platform.

Instagram User Insights will:

  • Give a constant overview on page performance
  • Allow you to track and benchmark engagement
  • Help drive page growth by identifying new opportunities in the data and in comparison to other data sets

Facebook Posts

Given the 2.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook, it remains a key asset for businesses. Bearing this in mind, we want to give our customers a complete overview of their activities on Facebook. This means offering a macro overview of performance and engagement (scroll down for an overview on the Facebook page insights integration), but also a more granular look at the specific performance of posts.

This view will give users an understanding of post performance in real-time and over time. It will also allow for effective benchmarking of posts creating opportunities to iterate and optimize on future postings. With access to the 100 most recent posts and 77 different metrics, users have huge flexibility over the data they are visualizing.

As always, this integration is available alongside the 15 other integrations in the platform. Having a complete view of your marketing activities across channels creates the basis for intelligent marketing decision making. For example, they can help you answer the following:

  • How do your owned and paid activities compare based on ROI?
  • Where are the drop off points across the customer journey?
  • How are industry / consumer trends affecting your audience and performance?

Earlier in the year we launched the following integrations so here is a quick refresh on the value they offer:

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Despite the emergence of new organic formats like Stories, brands are still investing considerable dollars in social media advertising. Given the 55 million of ad revenue that Facebook generated last year, this should come as no surprise.

With the Vizia integration, users can compare and contrast Campaigns, Ads Sets and Ads across the Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network Platform. This consistent insight into ad performance enables optimization in the moment. It also allows teams to ensure that their investments are being executed effectively and, with Vizia Reporting, these insights can be shared with stakeholders in a live and on-demand report format.

Facebook Page Insights

In Buffer’s State of Social Media 2019 report, 93.7% of respondents say their businesses use Facebook. Despite some tumultuous times, Facebook remains a key asset for brands and marketers. The report also details that “likes/comments/shares” are the most meaningful indicator for measuring performance on the channel.

With all this said it’s essential that brands constantly monitor the performance of their Facebook pages. It’s a direct link to your engaged audiences, a testing ground for content and messages, and can be a key touchpoint along the customer journey.

With over 130 different metrics to choose from and a selection of visualization components, the Vizia integration offers the flexibility needed to ensure effective tracking of performance and engagement.

Why is this important?

Having access to this data is key, but having it all in one place unlocks far greater benefits for our users.

In short, it can:

  • Improve outputs – Ensure a constant overview on performance, enabling optimization and iteration in the moment
  • Put the customer-first – Contribute a crucial piece of complete customer insight that can then be shared across the organization to inform customer-centric decision making
  • Save time – In order to report effectively our users need access to all of the relevant data. Making these insights accessible on-demand means the time between insight and action is lessened greatly.
  • Optimize investment – Help work towards effective return on investment and spend by monitoring and benchmarking data

The ability to integrate this data is made possible by the Vizia for Developers program which enables our development team, our customers, and our partners to build custom integrations into the platform. You can find out more about the V4D program here.

These integrations, plus many more, are now available in the Vizia platform for all customers at no extra charge. To find out more about how you can use Vizia for enterprise insight distribution, get in touch below.

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