Fashion Week’s Social Buzz Roundup Trending

By Anna Bauer on September 17th 2012

Fashion week in New York City has come to a close. The clacking of heels shuffling across Lincoln Center has subsided and fashion models have all taken out their hair extensions and started having solid foods again.

Each day during fashion week we presented a data board of the social trendsetters and the buzz and sentiment around them. Like any fashion event there was gossip, slip-ups and of course, social ranking upsets.

Throughout the week we saw certain key designers hold onto their positions, while other ones slipped away to the cat walk sidelines. Once Marc Jacobs had presented his Spring 2013 line on Monday, he managed to hold on tightly to the number one spot for almost the remainder of the week.

Donna Karan was another designer to strut her way to the top four throughout the week, though she took some pinball hits from Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors who also worked their way into the top rankings.

We pulled together a day-by-day breakdown of all the fashion designers we featured last week to show the transforming peaks of mentions, as each designer presented their Spring lines.


Many jolts in conversation volumes happen the day after the designers showed their new garments. With Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors having the largest amount of buzz during fashion week. Surprisingly, some of the more popular designers like DVF and BCBG had less buzz each day compared to their competitors.

We’ve also taken the total buzz from the week for the fifteen designers we’ve featured.

It’s again no surprise that Marc Jacobs is still holding tightly to that fabulous number one ranking. Still, it’s interesting that world-known lines that create a lot of buzz yearly had less mentions when paired against a line like Victoria Beckham, who is considered not only a “newbie designer”, but one that many people haven’t taken seriously when it comes to rolling out noteworthy fashion.

Once Spring 2013 blooms up it will be interesting to see if the social trend setters from Fashion Week ’12 are the most successful lines. Now that London fashion week is gearing up we’ll have a look at who’s sewing their way to the top across the pond.

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