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New Report: Consumer Trends for 2020

We bring together global survey and social data to find the biggest consumer trends in your region.

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Published October 14th 2013

Econsultancy Festival of Marketing 2013 Round-up

The plethora of multi-faceted benefits that social media monitoring brings to business is something we often like to wax lyrical about on this blog, for obvious reasons.

We’re forever finding different uses for social media, and have written lots about tracking competitors, keeping an eye on online reputation, improving customer service, and so on.

This week, as you may already know, Brandwatch was involved in the Econsultancy’s Festival of Marketing, which took place in London.

After participating in the inaugural ‘Marketing University Challenge’ on Monday, three days later the Brandwatch team returned to show how online mentions of a specific event can be tracked in real-time, and how it can be displayed in an interactive and engaging way, using Brandwatch Vizia.


Event Insights


As the Festival came to an end last week, we thought it might be interesting to uncover a couple of insights that a bit of old-fashioned social media monitoring revealed:

1) The number of mentions peaked on Wednesday, rising above 2000 in total

2) As is often the case, the most popular link shared on Twitter was an image, which generated over 120000 impressions



3) The most popular hashtag was #fom13 followed by #jump13, #punch13, #funnel13, and #crunch13 (all of them being FoM’s events)

4) Top tweeters were: @MrAwoniyi (winner of our special prize as FoM’s nb.1 tweeter), @FusePump and @VictoriaCrumpet



5) The vast majority of mentions were either neutral or positive, as the main topics of discussion focused around: social media, FoM’s events, the bumblebee competition, digital & content marketing and others


Why does this matter?


There’s a lot of energy, time and financial resources involved in planning any event. And when it all ends, the best thing to do is to evaluate what worked best and which things could be done differently next time, in order to progress and make all this effort worthwhile – and to be able to follow up with anything relevant post-event.

Social media monitoring allows any event planner to investigate which content generated the most buzz, who were the main influencers, which competitions were most successful and what was it about the event that raised people’s interest and drove online conversation.

Ultimately, knowledge is power and social media monitoring is a handy marketer’s tool to continuously discover the themes and insights about your event, brand or other area of interest in order to acquire such knowledge.

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